Pre-Treating, Double-Dipping, Deep-Treatment, Re-Treating or Scrunching

You can use either of the #10-B’s, both in and out of the shower.

as a re-treat, or as a pre-treat, double-dip trick or as an hour-long, an in-sauna, or an overnight long wet treatment on wet hair, AND as an over-the-re-treat scrunch-in for curly hair


Pre-treat on dry hair with water-layering; Apply before bedtime! Apply with water on your hands to baby those rough spots on strand & ends. No need to rinse before shampooing your hair in the morning.

Technique: Wet your hands and dampen hair. Add conditioner to your hands, wet them briefly, and apply to hair beginning at ends and working up using a stroking-massaging motion. Repeat, alternating layers of water and conditioner until you achieve a smooth, uniform feel in the hair. Hair that is older or more damaged will need more applications of conditioner, followed with water to deeply express it. Work up through those old-wear areas in the midrange, top back of hair. Blend and massage into hair with more water till soft and pliable with wet wick ends. The more layers of water and conditioner that you do, the better it all penetrates. Finish with a final layer of water.

When pre-treating overnight, tie hair to the side in low, flat ponytails or braids, or prepare in your preferred nighttime ‘do. You may also pre-treat in the morning and braid or bun hair through the day.

The most used, recommended, and preferred re-treat and pre-treat is #10-B Protein Conditioner – use 1 tsp or less.

You can use a bit of #13-A Blisstips Ends Oil as an occasional overnight hot oil treatment after your pre-treat – apply and then put on a bag and toque and go to sleep.

Very seldom but occasionally you can use #19 Honey-Bee and a drop of #13-A Blisstips Ends Oil over it instead of #10-B.




Use it as a deep ‘hot oil’ treatment under a baggie under heat. Rinse well, re-treat.



Re-treat on wet hair, just a speck! Re-apply before allowing washed hair to dry, right after smooth-combing and not before.


Scrunch INTO damp/wet hair in as a curl controller, after re-treating, on wet you know…upside down.

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