Long Hair Is Not An ‘IT’

So you say you want “IT” to grow???

…and you know that waiting and doing nothing is no longer an option, and putting in extensions is cheating and simply doesn’t work – extensions don’t help your hair grow.


Before you ask “How much is IT?” or “How long does IT take?”, etc., realize that these are not questions that can be usefully answered in an email or on the phone – let alone in one line.


Longhairs® clients are individuals with different situations, needs, and causes, and different solutions. If there was any sort of IT that she sells, it would be a ‘whole picture’ lifestyle of what your hair and scalp needs or wants, or what you would like. It is for those who seriously want long hair.


The first appointment/session/meet may consist of a Longhairs® gentle but thorough trim, by way of including growth-promoting alignment and split end removal along length-stimulating lines, making it look better, hang better, and move better. This is always a wise first step since it is a good foundation and preparation for the future of your hair.

It might also include Longhairs® Hairgasm® unique shampooing and conditioning lessons. Often if needed she will do a special scalp cleanout with her special oils and horn combs. Alternatively you may choose to try this on your own after you leave, with the products and techniques used on you during your session. You would be instructed to continue certain routines at home.

Your hair will look better – even longer – when she’s done and a start made with the correct products. A lot of instant gratification and faster growth is possible, no problem.


Even with a quick assessment you can pick up a starter kit to get things rolling. It can be a very good way for you to start if you are independent and eager for progress, starting now as opposed to waiting for your first appointment.

(If starter kit price surpasses consultation fee, consult fee is waived – keep an eye on our specials pages!)


It is always good to arrive with positive thinking. Having hope and some trust is a good start; it is priceless.


Success for some clients may require some learning curves, a little extra care, some attention to detail, and following instructions. It is ALL relative to what effort you want to or can put into IT.

In this day and age there are certain demographics that assume everything is instant and that everything can simply be bought. This is not the case while growing good long hair with us; it takes her experience and tools. Long hair does not often come to those who simply wait. Extensions and cosmetic surgery are for sale elsewhere for a hefty price, but genuine long healthy hair is not something you can just buy – the appearance of it maybe, but not the real thing. Becoming a longhair takes time and participation.

Always Growing – Always Positive – Come grow with her.


Realize, Re-think, Revise, Research, Re-learn, Renew, Re-grow.

So the good news is that you are in control of your genes! Yes people alter them on a regular basis, depending on the environment you subject yourself to, the foods you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, and yes, even the thoughts you think.

Interesting that some folks are not willing to take responsibility and tend to blame anything they can find in order to not to find value in change and improvement towards a goal. These people take longer to get started but it seems to be a common modern phenomena.


Yes, if you must speak conventionally, LMLonghairs does incredible custom cuts and trims – she just does them very differently. Wash away old ideas; renew your hope. She is known as a pioneer in anything to do with long hair. While everyone is talking about what can’t be done and why, she’s busy DOING it! Long hair Magician? Maybe, but there are no tricks – it’s real. Very real. Louise Marie Longhairs (one of her native names) is trusted quickly and easily by her broad spectrum of clientele. She feels long hair is just the way we longhaired are when we are just being ourselves.

Living, loving, growing, glowing.

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