Our Specially Made Shampoos Application Method – Part I

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Firstly these instructions are not general hair tips for any old shampoo out there..there..BUT these ARE directions for our own specially made shampoos that achieve very different things than typical shampoos therefore OURS need special custom directions….

Right-Off-The-Bat Tip: Our specially made Longhairs Hairgasm shampoos application method is applied the OPPOSITE WAY from our (again) specially made conditioners application method.

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Every head of hair is different. Not all heads of hair will foam on first application, but that’s ok. Judge the amount of our specially made shampoo needed for yourself given your hair; the amount of lather is no indication of effectiveness with this product. Everyone does not need the same amount of product. Better to err on more product than less especially for the first lather. More shampoo product used early on is often better than being sparing, especially with non-frequent washers or newbies.

General details of ONE application or ‘ONE’ of the multiple latherings:

1. The product (shampoo) should be first applied to palms of the hands then generously pressed (not wiped) evenly (via palms) into the full circumference (front, sides, back) of the hairline – which is the area just by where the skin (face, neck, ears, etc.) meet the scalp.

2. Still before lathering up, don’t use the ‘used’ shampoo to squeeze down the length of the hair. Instead, add a dollop more fresh shampoo onto hands working it into the ends – squish, squishing ends (like the sound of rinsing out your mouth when you brush your teeth) – with length folded like an escalator into a ball – do not rope the hair!  (The action is much like squishing a Nerf ball, including length and ends, including all – all the way up to the scalp.)

One must be certain to thoroughly massage shampoo into the ends and shafts until it is evenly silky-foamy throughout those areas before proceeding to the next step.

3. Next with what shampoo is now on the hands, apply this extra  thats left on hands  to the crown area (still part of application) before lathering everything throughout hair) by the following technique: This crown app is done by either opening up the crown area and wiping some shampoo thats left on your hands still or most effectively by putting a FRESH little dollop from your palms. Do this by patting directly into that spot where you opened it up, so you can get shampoo into the root area of the crown. This helps keep that area extra-silky soft n shiny resulting in tangle-free nicely balanced, toned results. this procedure makes sure our shampoo benefits get there, because sometimes hair’s thickness gets in the way of it getting to the scalp. Do this before actually lathering all the head/scalp up. Fresh makes sure the balancing treating properties of out unique product isn’t already used up by working it’s magic on the top layers.

4. OK, NOW you can lather it all together (but don’t pile on top of your head like in TV commercials!).

4.5 Rinse out shampoo well without running fingers through. Repeat as directed or by doing 4- 5  shampooings (washes) in one showering session rinsing in between each repetition and after and before conditioning.

5. Finish by using one of our #10-B Protein conditioners, working from tips upwards, scrubbing into scalp till creamy before detangling, and then Flexipick thru on 2 sides following Flexipick directions.

It is recommended that you always use our scalp oil before washing; they are made to enhance and assist each other.

We recommend that you shampoo every day. However, it’s up to you and what you like.

Our products are really gentle – SO gentle, that you could use them every day, but you don’t ‘HAVE’ to use them every day.

Let your results be your guide. If your hair is still dirty and unbalanced or untreated, it will feel ‘dry’ if you don’t use enough shampoo or shampoo properly. If it feels uneven or rough in any way, you are not using the correct technique.

Also please note, our shampoo does not over-clean; when your hair squeaks, it is not dryness but actually smoothness like a mirror. Our products are very gentle when used as directed.

Do not use our instructions if you are not using our products; it could over-wash or otherwise damage your hair. If you use another brand, follow their bottle directions instead. Our product is so much more gentle and is made to be used THIS SPECIAL Longhairs® way. We are operating on holistic and naturopathic rules, and are not like any other shelf-brands out there that are cosmetic. Other brands you must avoid applying shampoo to your ends – ours you NEED to in order  to correct the balance of your hair and keep the ends from wasting away.

Go to Shampoo Application for our unique shampoos Method – part II to learn about the 4-5 latherings!


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