Hairgasm® Longhairs® Magicpacks How-To

Basically the same as our simple Daily Haircare Regimen, and the Magicpack F.A.Q. but with different items switched around.Shampoos set, oils n tonics set, conditioners and treatments set, tools set…and some great nutrients and accessories added.

The set of Hairgasm® Longhairs® Magicpack 15  shampoos set (all numbered) components are switched around to use a different one every 3 uses according to the order that Ms Longhairs depicts in order to efficiently achieve your discussed goals.

DrLonghairs sets up your shampoos list in a special unique numerical order for you.

You learn the conditioners together,  and they are loosely rotated…you learn technique, and use them loosely like how one does in the compact Hairgasm® Longhairs® Magicpack Surprise Kit.


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