Organic Schmorganic ?!!

Lately every Tom, Dick, n Harry company has been spitting out ‘organic’ products that are causing some confusion to the general public.

Let’s clear up some of these myths and assumptions a bit, keeping a few things in mind…

  •  Just because a product or product line is sporting organic labeling doesn’t mean that those organic products are suddenly for long hair. As sure as longhaired hippies wore sandals, there is WAAAAY more to our Long Hair Specialist® products that makes them ‘for long hair and for growing long hair’ than just being pesticide and GMO free.
  • One could say ‘I eat organic’ or ‘I eat pretty good’ or ‘I only use natural combs, products, oils, etc.’ – but that should be standard healthy behaviour, not ‘how to grow long hair’ advice. There is no magic pill, but our system works for our clients; we get great growth beyond what one could get by following a few casual hair-board site tips. LML has more experience that just her own, being the professional who has been preaching to and teaching the web-folk since 1989.
  • But the ‘organic marketed’ products are more expensive – doesn’t that mean a better result? Money… that’s all it means to these companies – it brings in a higher profit. Yes, we at Longhairs® are pleased to see even the many inexpensive products removing their petrochemicals (which should have never been used in the first place). These ingredients were never ever in ours, even way before it became trendy. Note: we’ve since re-tested all the new stuff out there, and we found that they are still inferior to ours and not even close to doing what our line does for hair – especially long hair.
  • You would think that with an organic shampoo or conditioner, your hair and skin will feel healthy, clear, and smooth, plus residue-free, always. With ours you can use it on skin and hair, with forever silky smooth results, because our recipes have what it takes to be so. They evidently don’t care about things like that; after our tests, their products left skin and face areas rough and grainy, often coated yet dehydrated, and the ends felt different from the top areas – plus more inconsistencies that matter to us and our clients. There is a difference and it does matter.
  • Organic ingredients don’t make the bread taste better if you use a poor recipe! Adding delicious sounding herbs to a still-funky recipe often only makes it ‘sound’ better. Sure, herbs are great, but they are often listed only to attract shoppers who try their best to read ingredients. Often that’s all they have to go on. There are lots of good things to eat that they add to a trendy-worded product, but most added herbs don’t make enough of a difference to make the rather mediocre recipe good. We found that their herbs often don’t penetrate to do any good anyway. With our products (high-margin recipes) we have the chemist and creator behind it, proudly fitting you with what you need, and directing you on how you will need to use it. We have both herbal and aromatherapy concepts for all kinds of crowds, and our products are sold not by mass-advertising that still tells you you are ‘an individual’ without even working individually with you.
  • You don’t choose your friends by smell alone – why would you choose a personal-use product the same way? (why not? because it’s misleading!) Aside from switching to organic items in the mix, theirs are all the same-old same-old, except for their different smells.
  • Is a line is touting organic labeling gentler than non-organic? Nope! The products we have tested were, in most cases, even harsher than regular ‘non-organic’ market stuff. None of the organic products, besides ours, could you do more than 2 latherings or it starts tangling, getting brittle, and feeling weird and crappy in general. Our product is very unique, since one thing it does for you is to reach a balance point and hold it, and then condition with every lathering thereafter (yes, the shampoo! the conditioner conditions in other ways).
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