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WHO…is Longhairs®?

Louise Marie Longhairs. 

Bespoke Long Hair Expert.. Epic! Up to date, Mail-Order, Product and long hair success consultant, Diet & Nutritional Advisor, Chemist, Formulator & Long Hair Shape Sculpting and Care Expert.

mediumLONGHAIRS® is a continental  registered trademark; it can only be used by Louise Marie LONGHAIRS Company for purposes of business and connected or incidental purposes. The company enjoys the rights and privileges associated with the use of the trademark as the exclusive users and beneficiary under
the trademark. It is not just a trend or a common word in the business of hair maintenance and beauty, it is a popular terminology in the business but is registered as a trademark for the for the company.

Such trademark registration implies that LONGHAIRS Company has the right to control the use of the term, any unauthorized use is actionable per se, that is actionable through instituting a legal action without proof of damage or financial injury. The other implication on the same is that we reserve the right to permit a person to use the name in a manner specified by us but in a manner that is not prejudicial to the interest of LONGHAIRS Company. LONGHAIRS can, therefore, sell its products and services under the name of LONGHAIRS®, receive the proceeds of the same and prescribe the use of the funds.

LONGHAIRS® is the hub of hair beauty and hair therapy. Visiting our website is a worthy course because we never cease to surpass the expectations of our clients for quality hair. We work well to enable our clients to enjoy their moments with our hair services. If you need long but strong hair, LONGHAIRS® is the place for use. If you need beautiful and elegant hair that not only appeals to you but also raises your social status, look no further.

We have a lab a clinic a treatment office… store and hair salon/studio with oils for treatment of dry hair, restoration of hair color, changing hair color. Our hair supply store is filled with hair care shampoos and other shampoos such as hair growth shampoos which we focus on and use in the treatment of long hair. We have hair products for men for  women of  all genders and ages  in abundance in our/her hair salon/studio and hair supply store.for mailing out to our customers and clients all over the world.

Men and women, all  ages and genders who want to become more hair-abundant can consult Dr.Longhairs so that she can prescribe recommend and give them these unique bespoke hair care products to use.

She also does an invented hair cutting technique, hair training and maintenance resizing styling unstyling dusting trimming scalp and hair care programs and hair color maintenance.  Some of our products include but are not limited to hair, face, body, her temporary dyes, permanent dyes and patented hair dye and hair color line, apothecary, e-commerce services, and a physical salon. Hairgasm is a company itself but also is a subsidiary company of the larger holding company, the famous LONGHAIRS ®, which is a world-class quality bespoke health, hair, and cosmetics brand established in 1979. Hairgasm engages in promotions and vendor for the larger business brand.

We have you covered! We are the epitome of beautiful hair service; we give results to our esteemed clients and make them look much better than they were before our services. We give you a new look and make you look elegant. Our clients are always satisfied with our work because we live up to the promise and the discharge end of our bargain. We are affordable despite the elegant looks we are committed to giving; our services though tailored to meet high standards of clean, elegant, strong and high-quality hair are charged at an appropriate and non-exorbitant prices.

At LONGHAIRS®, we are committed to solving health and hair problems thereby giving our clients a happy hair. We give hair treatment that enables long hair growth and maintenance. We do cuts, we trim and shape hair. We give the hair the necessary care and treatment. We do hair
conditioning, hair cleaning, general hair therapy, hair mask and deep conditioning to repair dry or damaged hair. For clients with frizzy looking hair, we use polishing shampoo accompanied with a hydrating conditioner and hair serum. For damaged hair, we do TCL and remove the
sadness in dry hair by applying high-quality oils on it to give it the desired looks. We thicken thin hair and make weak ones stronger; we also straighten curly hair into the desired appearance. We also do hair color treatment.

Ms. Longhairs® who is our long hair specialist has 30 years’ experience in the business; she is well versed with the organic long hair products, long hair styling, long hair care, long hair shampoos to be preferred among others. With her assistance, we can do deep treatment among other types of care. We are therefore the option for people who want to grow healthy long hair, good looking long hair, growing hair fast and growing long hair.

An official care kit and lessons… a session … get started

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