Sleepy Longhairs

Some tips and supplies you’ll need for a long hair beneficial sleep each night.Sleepy Longhairs

  • Pure, clean spring water. Always drink lots in the morning (with a slice of lemon or squirt of lemon juice – organic lemon juice is best of course, but it’s actually the acidity itself we want). Bottled or fresh is fine – regular, natural, or organic is better.
  • Always have our Non-Salts Blood Nutrients Brine in warm water, followed by clear water (distilled water if you have it), first thing in the morning, and then our fruit juice and silica 5XD.
  • Take your Vitamin A, berry, antioxidants, and herbs tea, and more of our silica 5XD (and/or our Bye-Belly tea) at night, as they work better while you rest – a treat for shinier hair! Note: too much liquids before sleep can make an unrestful sleep.
  • Using your Longhairs® Kinder Brush, brush each side of your hair separately in front of you with your chin over your shoulder, brushing against your body until satisfied. Never brush upside down – it’s like bending your nails backwards. OW! (Also note our Kinder Brush cleaning and care section on this site.)
  • Then, use Longhairs® Kinder Brush to brush hair gently into a side ponytail and tie with a scrunchie (preferably a scrunchie or non-metallic terry-tie) behind the earlobe on the bottom of scalp – give it slack too. Wear the pony down in front of you when you sleep; it assimilates oils from your skin. Plus if you are on holistic and naturopathic tissue salts, you’ll transfer tincture sulfur and silica 5XD to your ends by wearing it this way, via the body’s natural, if minute, perspiration (if you have ingested the supplement in our special colloidial gel form, and use our hair products).
  • Sometimes if ‘heat’ is deterring health of scalp or we’re working on reprogramming some areas (using #27 Chillout doing sprays on the the parting at night) do the same but in two low, flat pigtails, braided or not.
  • Pre-Treat ends with Hairgasm® conditioners. (see our Pre-Treating page for directions)
  • Finally, sleep on a spinal correcting ortho foam pillow with a cotton or satin pillowcase (satin is better). Tip: a rubber placemat under the satin pillow keeps it from falling off the bed. Some clients utilize a horseshoe pillow filled with buckwheat and flowers – these special pillows are wonderful for sleeping with your hair laid out above you if you like to.
  • Never sleep with your locks tied up on the top of your head – it stresses the roots on top and causes breakage.
  • Sleeping with hair hanging up and over the pillow freely is rather OK, so long as it stays there – and your cat doesn’t lie on it, or it doesn’t get stuck in bed mechanisms.
  • Don’t wrap head tightly in satin, silk, or cotton; use our satin pillowcases instead and don’t wrap. Our members pre-treat, but that only is a good idea if you use our products only.
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