You Think You Have DRY DRY Hair?

Are you decidedly categorically DRY?

……I’ve been told that I have “dry hair” – why don’t you make “products for dry hair” labeled as such for my condition?….

Dry hair, as far as the hair products marketing racket goes, is a selling category – a symptom rather – and not a permanent condition, (pardon the pun). The mass-market products sell you a product that keeps you IN that category, so they can continue to market to your type. ‘Dry hair’ CAN BE and is fixed all the time by our line, being the opposite of what you are used to. Longhairs® products bring hair to normal, no matter where you started. We do not treat your current condition to keep it that way.

The ‘dry hair’ is like ‘hungry people’ = once they are fed, are they still hungry people? No.

With our products, you get progression to normal. It takes as many different paths to get there as there are reasons for hair ending up ‘dry’. According to the market, almost everyone’s hair is categorized as dry – or rather it is dried out and with their products it stays that way.

Our clients, using our products properly, don’t get ‘dry-feeling’ hair, because the condition is corrected; the client is retrained, and we move forward from there.

Before you read on, we are MANY years past being some sort of ‘theory’. We have 2 choices: to ‘market’ to you using your/their language, or to tell you the truth. Frankly, our clients are very tired of marketing.

Face it… watch the news… people are in love with sensationalism. Click-words sell products but they won’t fix your problem. What IS the problem? I ask you… can you be more specific? But can you?? Is it ‘dry’ or … does it feel terrible, uncomfortable, and that’s the story you know. Marketing teaches you that terrible feeling hair is you not them; that’s just your hair type.

Have you ever used a ‘dry hair’ category of shampoo or conditioner and had it cure it???  – I suspect no.

Have you ever taken a Big-Pharma pill for general illness and gotten better?  – probably not.

Is it washing making the hair ‘dry’?  – with most products, very likely. It depends what you use and how you use it. Or you can try not washing it, but then it gets more dry. Myth one, blown out of the water.

If it’s repelling water…does that make ‘dry’?  – you bet.

Do people who swim in clean, fresh water every day get dry hair? No. Why is it that 99% of people out there have ‘dry hair’. Dry-hair products and decidedly dry hair thinking doesn’t accomplish a single thing. Perhaps that’s all there is out there – in fact it is all there is out there… that’s why you are here!

So let’s say the ‘dryness’ is not the issue, oh but…but… it’s just a general sell-word, and people use it a lot. It’s not a constructive description of what may be happening to your hair. What else would you say? Try explaining it, think out of the box: ‘what’ makes you think it is dry?

Try this… do you have symptoms?  We can fix those things, but not illness, dryness, sleeplessness, cluelessness, fatness, skinnyness, hungriness – that one you know is malnutrition….is malnutrition not eating right? not eating often enough, or simply hungriness? It is a symptom.

Hot -words are not fixable without learning to work with detail.

Is it ‘dry’ in the shower? No… with our system water is your hair’s friend.

So was it ‘dry’ when you were a child, ‘dry’ as an adolescent when you had pimples? Is your skin dry? Is your hair dry? Is your scalp dry? Is it dry with oil on? Is it dry after weeks of no washing? Is it dry ….

Try to realize, it’s not grease or oil it needs; oily hair attracts dirt and grit, and grit wears out your hair and gives split ends.

Turn off the TV thinking!

Second, realize the bachelor’s rule: dirty socks wear out faster than clean ones.

Third, the longer you go between washings, the drier your hair and scalp will be. If you use Longhairs® products your hair will hold moisture (if you use as she directs).

We have done surveys and 99% of the population thinks they are drying up… who do they blame? Is it the products methods, or myths – and did it help? The answer is no, I’m sure. Are they eating no fats, don’t think so.. Are they using shampoo that is not Longhairs®, yes.

Would washing your hair daily make it dry? Does washing your face or brushing your teeth make them dry? It’s what you get and what you do with it. Does watering plants daily make them dry?

Does sex make you pregnant?

Does more sex make you more pregnant?

Does a little sex make you less pregnant?

If you like something, you’ll want to do it more often… you’ll make the time… now lets get back to shampoo.

Is oily hair less dry?…..

I persist…

Does eating 6 meals a day make you fat, simply that? Ask a hypoglycemic, or a regular person on the same eating system.

Washing with harsh crap WILL manage to make your hair drier for sure!

I’ve almost made my point, but will you believe me… no. If you believe what you hear from the herd, you can let your hair get greasy/drying out all the time and see how sad you’ll feel – it could start to smell too. It’s not necessary to think long hair is supposed to be always oily to the tips. Our hair is maintained in a different manner – and you smell fresh and you shine!!

If something is made a certain way, like our long hair stuff, just think – we wouldn’t be making it for this long if it was drying out hair! We wouldn’t advise you use our products a certain way if the results weren’t true.

If you want dry hair, use that ol’ market dry hair-making shampoo; if you want to keep dry hair, don’t listen to LMLonghairs – that’s right if you want dry hair, don’t listen.

Use our stuff as directed; don’t change the directions of a good thing, just because you ‘thought’ the instructions didn’t pertain to you, or they don’t sound cookie-cutter typical… Don’t misuse our wonderful stuff in order to feed the will to fail. We did not omit testing on ‘your’ individual’ types (and no, not all of our clients have hair exactly like LML).

Learn how to learn. Technique is one thing (it matters in sex too), and the facts and then practice is another. Here, if you don’t use it right, it’s like sex – it may not feel as right as it could. It’s not the equipment at fault – and it’s not the product.

Don’t bet your money on staying dry-haired around here, you could lose the bet. Our technique does not apply to other products lines – other products will still likely ruin your hair if used as often as once a week. We are sooooo different!!

Dry hair shampoo doesn’t fix ‘dry’ hair; people do. Longhairs® does, all the time, every time.

Come and get your situation corrected, regardless what it is called. If you want it fixed we are here – if not, sorry about your hair’s luck… maybe some day you’ll have lucky hair that gets brought here.

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