Shampoo Application Method – Part II

Geeky stuff….All about the 4-5 latherings – top secret info to get the best results!

General DAILY routine on one page

Shampoo Application Method - Part IIFour to Five Lathers Technique: Longhairs® #2 Balance/Superclear Long Hair Shampoo, going from LARGER amount on the 1st to smaller amount on the last (5th).(the more latherings you do the better it gets longer it grows and nicer it stays for longer and the less (of all) you will need to use per capita. Not kidding.

We also recommend that you lather 5 tiny lathers every day; however, it’s up to you and what are the results you like. How nice do you want it?

This how the multiple lathering technique of our unique super-gentle product works: (for those of you that are open-minded enough to leave all your old typical ideas behind, instead of asking us if we know about the other world’s training – aka brainwashing. Well, you wanted something new – why didn’t you expect the new product you asked for to have instructions of it’s very own?! It’s no error. Open your mind for better results. Try this below, and if you can’t fathom the below… heck, even using our product’s correct application technique as many times as you choose, it will still be better than anything out there.

Read this AFTER the application tutorial is perfected.General DAILY routine on one page

  • 1st lathering loosens the dirt. (half of the shampoo quota gets used here)
  • 2nd lathering softens debris and removes it. This lathering also herbalizes and adjusts the hair and scalp, and opens the hair to polish-up the cuticle. (much less here and so on)
  • 3rd lathering balances the slate and tone, deposit herbals within product, and begins to even out the texture to prepare for the last lathering that is more detangling.
  • 4th lathering detangles and stabilizes the hair, tones and deposits fine herbals, smooths/closes the hair shaft, prepares for a smooth look, improves comb-through time and conditioning, and removes all shampoo trapped in rough hair.
  • 5th lathering is needed to balance, further tone, and to silken. Damaged hair also can benefit from this lathering. Go by the feel. This lathering keeps hair smooth and tangle-free longer.
  • Rinse using relatively hot water. It will stay as smooth as your last lathering left it.

How Much Shampoo to Use

‘Use Enough’.

…each lathering uses less than the last one.

The five tiny latherings technique gives the best results because of the application of the herbs and toning and balancing of the hair and scalp. This technique does not ever apply to other brands that contain harsh ‘one-hit’ ingredients. When you do this with our products you will see it the Longhairs® way. It works. Our five properly applied latherings barely add up in measure to one regular shampooing of other brands you are used to.

The mistakes most newbies make:

  • Being insensitive to the amount of product needed. Your needs will depend on the previous products used and the frequency of washes previous to our product.
  • They lather up too few times or apply this product evenly, instead of as directed above. Don’t apply to outside or use the leftovers (called ‘rinse-down’) for ends in ‘the old-school way’.
  • Not washing often enough, and not using the proper 4-5 latherings. This results in using more product than needed and in the hair’s not feeling as good as it can. Put those old-school ideas away!!! Why would one want, in the first place, to use an old-school product that is more harsh once a week when you can use something gentle daily. We medicate, we give care and attention to hair care (more than just ‘cat level’) because WE CAN. And it is better. And Longhairs® is more – but it is a learning curve that’s worth the time.
  • They rub hair like scrubbing pots. GO gently now!!!
  • They think their fingers are better than a Flexipick. They are not!!

Until you’ve accomplished this 4-5 times – using less and less product each time – just apply properly, and cream through with the hands/fingers loose and flat.

Wash daily as directed, especially if you are Magicpacking. Magicpacking does far more than just “washing your hair”. If not Magicpacking, wash daily as often as you can. (Shampoo doing 4-5 tiny evenly applied latherings with our Longhairs Balance/Superclear #2 shampoo.)

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