Longhairs® Hairgasm® Full Shower Routine

Longhairs® Hairgasm® Full Daily Shower Routine

Be sure to apply products as directed for best results; application method is important! (It may take a few tries.) Keep a consistent water temperature throughout whole washing-hair tasks.

  • 1. BRUSH
  • 2. SCRITCH
  • 3. S.O.S. OIL
  • 4. SCRITCH
  • 12 .RINSE
  • 13.TOWEL
  • 16. RE-TREAT
  • 17. SMILE

Be sure to apply products as directed for best results; application method is important! (It may take a few tries.) Keep a consistent water temperature throughout whole washing-hair tasks.

  1. Brush with our Longhairs® Kinder brush – unless doing a Pre-Treat.
  2. Do Longhairs® horn comb Scritching. (See our Horn Comb HOW TO.)
  3. Using Hairgasm® #18 SOS Stimulating Scalp Oil(how-to), scrub into scalp using ends of fingertips (not thumb) – use enough to lubricate scalp and not be sparing. Apply one of these 2 ways, reapplying every 1-2 rows:
    1. Either tip the bottle of #18 SOS on each of 3 fingertips on one hand, then tap to tips from other hand, so it’s the same on both.
    2. Or (preferred and faster) pour #18 SOS into a flat, shallow dish and dip fingertips into it. (SEE DIPPY DISH)NEXT Do horn comb Scritching.
  4. Do Longhairs® horn comb scritching again over the #18 SOS Stimulating Scalp Oil application. (See our Horn Comb How-To.)
  5. Spritz the Hairgasm® #27 Chillout Purifying Spray(how to) onto scalp. First split your hair in half, front to back (as if in pigtails), then spray #27 Chillout into scalp areas by splitting the hair into pages every inch or so, by sliding fingertip through hair at scalp and then turning hair like pages in a book. Repeat until all areas are cool and relaxed.
  6. Enter shower.
  7. Rinse steps 1 thru 5 out right away (no waiting around or sleeping on it), preferably using a hot temperature (the oils need hot water to be effectively mobilized). Accomplish this while scrubbing scalp well with hot water, with hands in same place as when scrubbing #18 SOS oil.
  8. Apply Hairgasm® shampoo as directed, lather, rinse, repeat as directed; do 5 lathers/repetitions, rinsing out in between. (Yes, this is NOT like your old products; if you tried this with commercial products you’d probably destroy your hair, but we designed our products to work in this manner.) Be very generous on the first lathering; use around 1 Tbsp on the first one and much less each repeat – only a dribble on the 5th and final lathering, for extra-balancing, super-shine, and closure. Remember to always add fresh shampoo to ends before sudsing up so that you’ll be sure to reach and maintain the best balance much quicker and easier by the last lathering. Let the last lather stay on to rest for 1 min after sudsing (you can wash face and ears with our shampoo this time). See our Shampoo Application Method for additional info.
  9. After rinsing shampoo out the last lathering of course…Apply Hairgasm® conditioner (#10B-ME or #10B-ME2-C most often), massaging it into hair starting at the bottom, working in and moving (but not sliding) up. Rub into scalp well. See our Conditioners (how to) page for more info.
  10. Flexipick using Longhairs® Flexipick /Flexicomb Technique(how to), one side at a time, proceeding with chin up and looking over the opposite shoulder. After flexipicking, you can use surplus conditioner rundown along the length by schmooshing ends into top area in order to recycle excess conditioner.
  11. Perform double-dip trick; because the old hair ends hold shampoo and generally need more conditioning, re-apply a fresh dab of conditioner on the ends and clip it up for a few minutes. Only do the double-dip trick after flexipicking the regular conditioner application, and don’t flexipick after double-dipping.
  12. Rinse well with hot water.
  13. Towel for no more than 3 minutes. For best results, fold the hair into the palm of one hand (a bit like an accordion), ending up with the ends against head to keep them moist, and flatten it to the back of your head before applying the towel (instead of hanging hair length into the towel like you would think). The reason to resist the urge to do that is that with our light, chemical free, water-based products you don’t need to super-sop the ends; we like to still retain the moisture in the ends for easy comb-thru and re-treating. Rule of thumb: only keep hair in towel less than 3 minutes (actually 1 minute should do it).
  14. Remove Longhairs Hairgasm hair towel and flexipick hair.
  15. Use Longhairs® Smoother Comb to remove excess water and style hair into its final drying style.
  17. Smile and have a great day!

For best results and optimum conditions for healthy growth, wash daily (every morning) using a good consistent water temperature. This actually uses less shampoo than washing less often!

Also refer to our Re-Treating and Pre-Treating chart to make sure you’re using our conditioners to their fullest potential.

Curly? Wavy? You can re-re-treat and scrunch in more #10B-ME or #10B-ME2-C with your head flipped over. (Try this before applying any of our styling aids if a softer look is needed – though you can do both!)

These instructions apply to our product line only. If you don’t wish to follow directions with Longhairs® Hairgasm® products, you’ll get good but not best results. Humor us and at least follow each product’s own instructions for a month, so you know how great it is supposed to feel. If after a month of using our products the way they are made to work you still think you know better, use it how you wish.

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