Thank you for being so supportive…

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Dear Louise Marie Longhairs,

Thankyou for being so supportive when I came to you, completely distraught. I appreciate your advice on the wholistic and naturopathic Remedies you suggested. All the best, Love and blessings to you !!

PS, I LOVE my new colour you did, and your products!
Luckily for me I heard of your long hair salon…

The absolute worst salon experience I have ever had was at a popular trendy salon. I had always been very happy with my long hair, even proud of it, it gave me confidence knowing that I had nice hair, until I went to one of those supposedly well reputed salons. The hairdresser who did my hair did not listen to my instructions at all. By the time he was done with my hair it looked like it had been bush wacked. Instead of soft layers I had chunky uneven cubes. After two weeks my black hair dye started to turn into an orangy gold ring, like a halo. Needless to say I left there crying and was upset for months after. Luckily for me I heard of your longhair salon. After one visit my hair was restored to it’s former self, I was proud of my hair once again. I would recommend your salon to anyone, longhaired or not. Seems that all there is out there is the type of salon that spends to much time on making them and there salon trendy, instead of there clients hair. Thanks for fixing my hair Louise Marie Longhairs.

(Canadian straight thick)

March 20, 2017

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