Booking Of Appointments ….Both On and Off-Tour or Home-base ;-)


Book for A Startup A Session Meet N Greet or A Consult…

LONGHAIRS® for long hair. Online On-Location , In-Shop, Salon and More HAIRGASM® Product Center & The Non-Salon™



Also Accepting Interac Etransfers While From Canada. CheckWhile From USA Pop-Pay in USA. Cash & Moneyorders Canada and USA


  • 1.) Register Yourself at WWW.HAIRGASM .COM
  • 2.) NEXT … In order to help you as an individual and to personalize your visit and recommendations… take a few minutes to –Fill Out the Form All About You -with EXTRA attention to detail You will need to carefully fill this out this so we know what she might be working with and how she can pre-fluff the chair for you.
  • >>3.) LAST BUT NOT LEAST If you have already registered, next while logged into go here to Fill Out an Appointment Request Form including a few dates that might work for you. We do take most credit cards and Interac via Etransfer and cash.

One can begin with a little consultation at a fee or just a wee-quickie look-see if you wish it alone or just separately …or it is always included with the session or purchase..

The unusual alternative long hair salon features it’s creator LMLonghairs, better hair ..faster hair growth and maintenance styling and alternative salon for hair scalp skin health and treatments.

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