Hairgasm® #12 Protein Concentrate Prescription Spray

#12 Protein Concentrate Prescription Spray is prescribed only as needed because it is very powerful. This is serious restructurizing stuff for your chemical accidents that we have to correct.

#12 Protein Spray is only needed once in a while, for before or after seriously damaging chemical work (such as relaxing, foil highlighting, etc.), or once every few months on newly processed hair as a reinforcer, or when Louise Marie recommends it for a specific situation (hence the name “Prescription Spray”). Never use #12 after #13-A Blisstips Oil. This spray is like an emergency kit item; not used regularly, but when you do need it, you won’t have to wait while we send it.

Mist sparingly for coverage of fragile areas (or squirt into end tuft) that need proteins replaced because they have been somehow traumatized.

Favorite uses for #12 Protein Prescription Spray:

  • in-shower before #9 Trees is applied,
  • during application of #19 Honey Bee pre-treat, (not the regularly used pre-treat) and only when hair is wet enough to accept it,
  • when chemical work is being done before the application of a perm neutralizer.
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