Hairgasm® #9 Trees Stimulating Conditioner Hairgasm® #9 Trees Stimulating ConditionerThe Hairgasm® #9 Trees Stimulating Conditioner may be used as a main conditioner, but next in line to – and less often than – the #10-B’s. It is also the 2nd step of the two-step deep treatment, used after Hairgasm® #19 Honey Bee Long Organic Deep Conditioning Treatment is mostly rinsed out. Hairgasm®  #9 allows closing in of nutrients and facilitates wet-combing (#19 does not include comb-thru in its properties), and is very refreshing. It relaxes the tense scalp muscles, relieves headaches and itching, and is very soothing. It can be a Surprise Kit and/or members’ MagicPack item.

Regardless of which shampoo is used, #9 Trees (not tea tree) Stimulating Conditioner should be used a minimum of 2-3 days in a row for best results. Its nature evolves on you: shine, moisture, oils, toning and stimulating, yet balancing. Use enough till it’s a silky cool cream, then comb thru, etc. Sometimes another little slathering and scrubbing after combing through in the shower can give you extra smooth and silky results.

Rinse well in hot water, until the water runs clear. When air drying, allow to set as it dries to utilize it’s curl or frizz control. Light, medium, or heavier response, depending on how it’s used and how much is used. Follow up with #13 Blisstips Ends Oil or #10-B Oilfree Conditioner as a re-treat on wet tips.

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