Hairgasm® #19 Honey Bee Long Organic Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hairgasm® #19 Honey Bee Long Organic Deep Conditioning Treatment is specially created to be used as part of a 2-part deep treatment. Use 2 Tbsp or more of #19 Honey Bee to do a deep-treat, then rinse and apply 2 Tbsp of #9 Trees Stimulating Conditioner. Do not comb through #19 until rinsed and your #9 is being used! (Then you may detangle while flexipicking in-shower.)

Always follow #19 Honey Bee Long with #9 in the same session – unless using on your skin as a moisturizer.

Never pre-treat with #19. You MAY sleep with it still-wet after washing, as a deep treatment, and then rinse out and #9 it in the morning. 🙂

Never use #19 Honey Bee Long on dry/not wet hair – only use on wet hair.

Use twice a week, or twice every week-and-a-half.

For an extra-deep conditioning treatment:

  1. Use Hairgasm® #19 Honey Bee Long in the shower after your 4 or 5 shampoos.
  2. Wrap hair up on scalp with a plastic bag.
  3. Use our cool-designed hair towel over the plastic bag to keep it warm.
  4. Kick back in the tub for a soak.
  5. Then rinse out in shower.
  6. Finish with #9 Trees, flexipicking and finishing shower as normal.
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