Hairgasm® #13-A Blisstips Ends Oil

#13-A Blisstips Ends & Deep Oil Treatment by Hairgasm® Longhairs®Use #13-A Blisstips Ends Oil sparingly and judiciously. It results in different textures for different needs; this is why it’s so versatile.

#13-A Blisstips Ends Oil can be used for:

  • adding shine to freshly dried hair,
  • re-treating on wet clean ends, or
  • on your legs and bikini for shaving rash.
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Always best used in conjunction with our line of products.

YES….there is room for it all! You CAN use #13-A Blisstips Ends Oil as a re-treat – try it sometimes INSTEAD of the #10-B. However, there must be 12 hours time between that and your #10-B night pre-treat or the #10-B won’t penetrate.

Feeling like a nice hot oil treat? Do a pre-treat of #13-A Blisstips before retiring on the same day you did #13-A re-treat. Not necessary but a righteous option – variety can be therapeutic. When pre-treating with #13-A Blisstips, you can apply it thinly with a light palming 3/4 of the way up or so, but don’t forget to layer with hot water from the tap. (Look up re-treating and look up pre-treating using our Search tool!)

#13-A Blisstips Ends Oil should NOT be used directly before any of the fortifying components: e.g. NOT before #10’s, #19 Honey-Bee, #11 Magic Spray, ESPECIALLY DURING A RE-TREAT SESSION. Used in the wrong order, your #13-A Blisstips Ends Oil will temporarily block out the proteins from the other conditioners, making the hair feel ‘rough or ‘dry feeling’. By all means, use your #13-A in the correct order – which is AFTER these items to seal the proteins IN, or to retain moisture or stabilize drying time with or without applying proteins first.

#13-A Blisstips Ends Oil after #10-B: is re-re-treating OK?

I wouldn’t do the #13-A re-re-treat (or re-pre-treating) TOO often; you will find that #13-A, because it is an oil, will eventually overpower the overall feel and absorbency of the shampoo because it is more aggressive. Use #13-A on top of the re-treat of #10-B only once in a while as a little treat; do it only when it is feeling silky after the #10-B. If hair begins to feel coarse during washing, you’ve doubled-up too much; hold off on doing it anymore. Similarly a pre- or re-treat of #10-A could cause the same result. It’s not entirely wrong – just if you do it, do it in moderation. #19 loves it more than #10-B. #10-B has it’s own closure properties, while #19 doesn’t and appreciates #13-A as a re-PRE-treat. #19 is slow-penetrating so the #13-A may help keep your hair wet while #19 is seeping in.

A quick note: #13-A Blisstips Ends Oil on dry hair is totally different from on damp or wet hair, or the re-re-treat or re-pre-treat mentioned elsewhere. On dried hair it does not impede anything and can be used daily, provided it does what you hoped it would for the look. This is perfectly fine to do as follows, especially on dried hair that is too wispy: Turn on tap. Tip bottle while covering top with hand. Rub hands together to mix #13-A with a little hot water, and glide over the surface of your hair.

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