Hairgasm® #10B-ME & #10B-ME2-C Conditioner Hairgasm® #10B-ME & #10B-ME2-C ConditionerRight-Off-The-Bat Tip: Our conditioner is applied the COMPLETE OPPOSITE WAY from our shampoo application method. The conditioner is worked generously into the ends FIRST then up the length of hair and well-scrubbed into the top and into the scalp before Flexipicking through and rinsing. Don’t forget to re-treat with it after getting out of the shower and detangling, just before letting your hair air or be blown dry.

Use as a perfect fortifying conditioner, with protein and moisturizer for daily enriching, fortifying and silkening. Use a good Tbsp or two – better more than less. Hungry hair or new hair may want a lot in-shower, but it will not be wasted – let your hair feed on it well!

If it doesn’t work right, you need to learn how to apply it correctly, from us.

Especially if your hair is delicate, relaxed, dyed, worn out or thinning, massage it in EVERYWHERE, and Flexipick thru in-shower in areas from crown to ends.

Use daily in-shower, rinsed out, and as a re-treat after Smooth-Combing.

Use it as a re-treat on wet hair after Smooth-Combing – just a bit worked into older or dry areas!

Use it as a pre-treat on dry hair by layering with water. (Look up Pre-Treat using our search tool!)

Use it all-over on clean wet hair. Flexipick through then tuck it up under a hair baggie in the sauna or as an overnight deep treatment.

It’s silky but with no silk in it, just loaded with secret ingredients – but no silicones to irritate and make your hair stop getting long, no rough and post-drying cellulose fillers or plant fiber thickeners that freak out and destroy long hair. For natural and processed hair.

No sales pitch necessary – clients who tested it think it IS a delight, to use as you prefer! Simply incorporate it into your Longhairs products routine – just a little, or load it on! Like all LML’s conditioners, it has a moisturizing yet light feel. Enriching, fortifying, restructuring.

Multicultural favorite. Apply plentifully in-shower for smoother in-shower Flexipicking. Rinse well!!! Apply tips to roots, rubbing well into the scalp, rinse while combing in shower. Rinse hot and thoroughly. May reapply as a leave-on (re-treat), on wet smoothed hair.

NOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR #10B-ME Normal Hair Conditioner and #10B-ME2-C Extra Moisture Conditioner:

Use as a re-treat, or as a pre-treat, double-dip trick or as an hour-long, an in-sauna, or an overnight wet treatment on wet hair – AND as an over-the-re-treat scrunch-in for curly hair.

  • Re-treat on wet hair, just a speck! Re-apply before allowing washed hair to dry, right after smooth-combing and not before.
  • And/or scrunched into damp/wet hair as a curl controller, after re-treating, and on wet you know…upside down.
  • Use it as a deep ‘hot oil’ treatment under a baggie under heat. Rinse well, re-treat.
  • Pre-treat on dry with water-layering; apply before bedtime! Apply with water on your hands to baby those rough spots on strand & ends. No need to rinse before shampooing your hair in the morning.

To use as a Long Hair Conditioner in the shower:

  • Apply after rinsing out shampoo. Apply from the bottom, working in, UPWARDS and scrub into scalp. Wait a few moments, detangle with Flexipick, then rinse with hot water until water runs clear. HINT: If letting it sit then Flexipick before letting sit for a while. Try this for a 20 minute silkening treatment.
  • Re-treat means re-apply an appropriate-sized dab of #10-B after the session of rinsing, Flexipicking in the shower and towel-drying after detangling. ONLY AFTER all this use a dab on your lower half of your still wet hair. Wait 5 minutes before re-combing only if re-combing is even needed.
  • Re-treat is only done to wet hair, but sometimes applied lightly to dried or drying hair as a leave-in surface smoother if one has frizzies, or to remedy wilted or empty-feeling hair.

Q: How much Hairgasm® #10B-ME or #10B-ME-2C conditioner do I use?

A: If you use not enough in the shower it is something like the mistake of using too much shampoo in each dose, or like not washing often as you can with those 4 little applications; you’ll need more conditioner here. Provided you’ve used the shampoo as directed, the conditioner with finish superbly.

In-Shower Conditioning and Flexipicking

… for very long hair, 1 tablespoon or more (9-Trees version use 2 Tbsp)

… for medium hair, a good tablespoon or more

… for fine hair, as needed or 1 & 1/2 teaspoon or more if needed

Re-treat on wet, just a speck or two or three!

Pre-treat on dry, 1/2 teaspoon with water-layering for wet-wick-ending, braiding and bed.

Use as directed and it should melt in right away. If you shampooed right, then rinse it all out clean n clear.

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