WHAT LONGHAIR(S) IS from the view of WHAT ITS NOT…

The What Does LML DO? everything…but much better!

Whatever you may need!!
The world famed ‘DOCTORLONGHAIR’ Louise Marie Longhairs is reputed to be beyond fanatically precise in hair sculping correcting and is famous for her Longhairs-cut-to-be-long-™longhair-shaping(every client is different with different needs). She’s unique, artistic intuitive and experienced with enhancing quality, comfort of and growing long hair or keeping it THERE!

No one-size-fits-all here.

No, not extensions, the real thing. Not ARTIFICIALLY attaching hair to you, making you grow more attached to IT;-)

If there is a ‘magic pill’ that society expects to find to grow long hair, then Louise Marie Longhairs is IT. The products she shares with you she created by knowing clients, over the years. Magicpack and beginners kits is what she then customizes with you, online privately.

DOC LML IS Very thorough. Very gifted. Very natural. Very healing. Because she is considered to be a God-gifted ‘healer with/through hair’, thus we do not speak time-and-money on line or by phone. Call to come because hope and caring are the root of all she does.

The whole company was built around her caring sharing nature….not to mention the lengths we both can go to. Due to her vast and global (session and/or product) clientele she focuses one-on-one . All along she’s been sharing with public for free on her websites since the beginnning of the internet.

This place andheadspace has grown to the extent to bring you this new huge longhairs.com site. Take a moment to send appreciation  constructive, kind feed-back and love back to us.

We at Longhairs Company, know how you feel about everything long hair.

No matter where you start it grows on you.