Longhairs® Plush Cotton Long Hair Towel

For best results, don’t hang hair upside down to be twisted into towel because it soaks too much water out of those ends – remember water is our friend with these products.

Fold the hair with one hand into the palm of the other hand (a bit like an accordion or an escalator), ending up with the ends of the hair against the head to keep them moist, and then flatten hair to the back of your head before applying the towel.

With our rich but light products you don’t need to super-sop the ends; we like to still retain the moisture in the ends for easy comb-thru and re-treating. Rule of thumb – keep hair in towel no more than 3 minutes – actually 1 minute should do it – just enough time to shave legs in the shower, scrub the face, or to get dressed.

Upon removing the towel, Flexipick the still-wet hair and then smooth-comb it, finishing with a re-treat.

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