Longhairs® Flexipick Wet-Detangler

Flexipick for Shower Wet Dry Use by Longhairs®

Longhairs® Hairgasm® Flexipick(TM) is made by us out of our very own recipe of special soft flax-plastic, for use with our conditioner in-shower and out.. on wet hair …with certain important and distinctive beneficial-to-long-hair properties – don’t be fooled or settle for any old cheapo vinyl look-alike.

…keep it horizontal

To use Flexipick: quickly dash that area of the hair or the Flexipick itself under shower stream and continue. Repeat as needed; it removes foam when your hair has finished eating the good out of that conditioner. It also rinses new stuff from above that rough point onto that needy area. We are actually waterbased, so it works well. While detangling, keep the Flexipick horizontal and hair mid-prong!!

After taking towel off after showering, let hair cool a moment, then Flexipick again before using the Smoother Comb; finish with a re-treat and go!

A Longhairs (water-saving) very ‘hip’ rinsing and Flexipick tip from a MagicPack user….

I have hip-length (3.3feet) of coloured/bleached hair & use Louise Marie’s products daily… this is what I do to shorten the amount of time detangling: …after having lathered w/ any of her shampoos the required number of times & rinsed clear… when it’s time to condition… I turn off the shower & soak my hairs from tips to root (w/conditioner)… then I separate my hair in two (as if to make two pigtails)…after I flexi the top down to where it stops, next I bring the left side forward & I keep the other half behind my back… and while quickly running the shower’s warm/hot water through it, I use Louise Marie’s fat flexi-pick and quickly begin to work it through my hair from bottom to top, before the conditioner has time to rinse out… then I proceed to the remaining half and do the same… and this way I find my hair detangles very easily… try it, it’s easy!

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