Hairgasm® Pike Clips

These blow away the imitations by a mile. She originally designed this type of clip and many years ago chromed them in a golf club factory. These have the strength a pittbull-bite, and are sooooo smooth. Updos generally stress the hair if worn too often; our Pike Clips stress the hair less and keep your updo steady all day – or while you dance till dawn.

Two Pike Clips are always better than one, as a rule of thumb. This is true whether you want to use 2 in a chopsticks-like ‘V’ or use them side by side, or even on 3 sides. Try any combination of large, medium and small.

Always slip the Pike Clips thru areas of the main twist you’ve pushed close to your scalp. Do this by opening the clip to 1/4 to 3/8 inches wide and sliding the bottom beak along the head, while squashing the roll flat to the head with the full palm of your opposite hand. When re-placing or removing the clip, be sure to keep the prongs open until all of the clip is out and away/free from the hair(s).

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