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Dr.Longhairs® Hairgasm® Organic All-B Vitamin Complex

a perfect base for adding on the Supergrowth Vitamin Spray…..Take Together!!BUY: Hairgasm® Organic All-B Vitamin Complex 

Hair feeling thin and wizzly? Get up and go got up and went? Feeling foggy and bummed out? You need to pump up with  her Organic Sublingual Doclonghairs custom practitioner-treatment grade nutrient complex. The full rack of B’s in very special proportions, Folic, this complex taken subligually via dropper. Amazing sense of well-being and oxygen to cells and more for you, vegans, your kids, elderly people, n pets.


Get the booster AMAZING GROWTH VITAMIN SPRAY  WITH IT MMMMM spray also to help build up your stores especially in the beginning, it’s portable:-)