Hairgasm® #27 Chillout Spray Hairgasm® #27 Chillout SprayEnjoy this amazing healing and cooling spray anytime and anywhere – on scalp, face, or body – to remove irritants and toxins, stop itchies and bacteria, promote moisture, and create a habit of balanced skin. Rids skin of silicone and other toxicity. Contains NO irritating isopropyl alcohol (that would be toxic), nor popular toxic alcohol substitutes; promotes skin moisture and balancing. Removes irritants and toxins from skin, stops itchies or bacteria “anywhere” like armpits, feet, and neck too! Smells citrusy when skin is finished purifying (after about a week of regular use).

Spray on scalp or nape on dry areas day or night – not for the hair itself, but the skin under it. Spray freely all over your body – scalp, armpits, feet, neck – ON DRY SKIN. Keep applying till relief is achieved.

Herbal, homeopathic, purifying, and purging for skin and scalp. The first essential, rare, non-isopropyl, soothing and healing spray. Stops any itching on anyone, including soothing your four-legged pets’ hotspots!

To use on wet skin (still fresh from washing/fresh from the shower) you don’t need to use cotton balls/pads, just your fingertips. Spray #27 Chillout on your fingertips and smooth into skin – or focus on spraying your cheeks and blend in all over with your fingers.

To use on dry skin (between cleanses) spray onto cotton ball/pad and dash it under the tap, then clean face, neck, and finally ears.

Other uses for Hairgasm® #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray

  • Use after your #18 SOS Scalp oil and right before washing it all out, no need to scrub in the #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray – you’ve done a good job with your scalp oil scrub, and #27 Chillout is instantly self-penetrating. Keep reapplying every few moments till a cool feeling is maintained. Achieve efficient coverage by applying starting on parting and taking 1″ page partings from there down. Spray 6″ from area to be treated.
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray under and into your hat. Refreshing, purifying, and preventative for certain hat-related hair/scalp problems, like pimples, lack of circulation, pore blockage, and stuffy sweaty air inside the hat when wearing one. Lifting and sifting through your hair, spray a generous but fine mist of #27 Chillout all through dry (not wet) scalp area, going under the hat. #27 Chillout prevents only bad or sweaty bacteria from forming. Allow #27 Chillout spray to pretty well dry on the scalp without rubbing it in at all (you never need to rub in #27 Chillout, it’s self-penetrating). Before putting your hat on, wait about the time it takes for you to thoroughly mist the inside of your cap or hat. Pop the cap on and you’ll be set for the day, but you may require another application in the middle of the day on sweaty scalps, or at the end of the day when the hat comes off. Otherwise for infrequent hat wearers, it’s nice and keeps your scalp fresh all day and germ-free. Enjoy.
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray just because it feels so good?  You bet your booties, and try it before putting on your shoes and booties.
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray your back. To soothe and purify pimply or rough skin, bug stings, or just to treat your skin all the time. Prevents and relaxes sore back and neck muscles. Bend forward, mist from above or over the shoulder till saturated and satisfied. Allow skin to dry before letting hair down over it.
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray your aching muscles; same as for the back, but if heat is needed, saturate and wrap wet area in saran – your body heat will get it quite hot!
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray your ears. Prevents ear wax buildup, tangles,and itchies. Also misting of the outer areas of the ears afterwards or twice daily adds effectiveness to this routine. Chilling out your fronts and backs of ears daily keeps the oils the ear creates from transferring to scalp area behind the ear, causing itchies, heat, and flakies. 8 shots of #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray on a pre-wet cotton ball really helps keep things clear, especially important if your ears have piercings.
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray your neck. Toning, purifying, soothing, and normalizing. Because the neck is moved a lot, the skin there often needs extra toning. Those who use #27 Chillout all around on their necks have smoother skin, less heat rashes, and a more comfortable time under their hair. Saturate after showering, wet or dry – don’t forget to let it mostly dry, or get dressed before placing hair back down over neck. #27 Chillout is made for the skin and scalp, remember, so hold hair up and wait a bit when saturated. If you’re not doing it under the hair at the time, then lifting the hair is not really necessary. An extra application on the back of the neck soothes aches and it keeps the sweat cool not sticky feeling.
  • If your skin is ever red or irritated, or even just sweaty, spray #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray liberally as often as the skin asks for it. Even if it’s a pet allergy or other impurity situation.
  • Shaving. Men may prefer to use it on wet hands so it goes into shaved pores smoothly. Soothing and toning for blemished skin anywhere. You’ll learn to love the familiar zing!
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray your chest. Both men and women benefit from purifying this area. After shower or as needed, for pimples and cleavage or fold rashes, apply liberally and frequently to keep any heat sensation at bay. A favorite with generously proportioned women, instant comfort for sores from infected pores because armpit sweat got there. For moisture related irritations saturate full strength allow to dry; otherwise, to detoxify, #27 Chillout Spray is preferably used on dry or damp skin.
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray on the wet chest can help ease breathing through relaxing muscles with ingredients that penetrate the skin.
  • The men working in construction, etc., love the feel of it purifying, and gravitate easily to their bottle of  #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray twice a day or on breaks!
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray your armpits. #27 Chillout can be very successfully used as an underarm deodorant if it’s used immediately upon coming out of the shower. Saturate areas and allow to dry, then repeat. You’ll be good and fresh-smelling for the whole day, and a lot healthier for it.
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray on feet and pits prevents the growth of bacteria all the way to the lymph glands and back. Bacteria is what made sweat smell bad – now you’ll perspire normally but less and cleaner. Must be used daily and immediately after showering to be most effective. Use #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray before you shave your pits if you do so, used afterwards it will sting (but it’s a harmless sting) – repeat spraying till stinging subsides. Another plus, no more deodorant stains on your favorite clothes!
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray to Chillout your piercings; aside from preventing ear secretions from transferring to the hair and scalp, there are other piercings that greatly benefit from #27 Chillout. While common alcohols can burn the skin on the edges of a piercing, #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray will not. It’s homeopathic and is seeking to soothe and balance. #27 Chillout will help dissolve crystallized secretions that may form on and around piercings, which can make even the best jewelry uncomfortable as well as lead to infections. Feel free to saturate piercings as needed, #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray is not damaging to sensitive skin tissue like isopropyl alcohols are. If you’ve bumped or pulled your piercing, the warm glow is esthetically diminished and healing is accelerated with use of #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray in 20 minute intervals. Helps any little piercing rashes caused by present crystallization too. This is because of it’s purifying nature. NOTE: There are a few ‘personal’ type piercings on/near a mucous membrane or the mouth where it should not be used.
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray also prevents and often fixes hard bumps behind earrings that are reputably cystic in nature, if used regularly. 8 shots of #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray on a pre-wet cotton ball really helps keep things clear. A shot into that cotton ball while saturating the pierced area in it will sooth throbbing or pain. Try this anytime or after washing. Also, misting of the outer areas of the ears afterwards or twice daily adds effectiveness to this routine.
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray to Chillout your tummy; once again, fab for heat rashes, allergies and applying for general stomach discomforts.
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray to Chillout your cheeks; safe for roseacea, useful if applied 3 times daily for hormonal pimples (the ones that hurt like a …well, they really are deep and hard), calms and recirculates inflammations and clears to the lymphs. Basically smooth clear cheeks are the result – also those other cheeks that break out from office chairs, etc. Works on public toilet seats too, but don’t get it on sensitive tissue areas (you know what I mean if you’ve gotten it on there before).
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray to Chillout your legs. You don’t have to be pregnant to love this trick: sore, tired, varicose, or shaved legs benefit. Rashes between thighs, puffy or sore muscles, you get that #27 Chillout out and use it.
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray to Chillout your feet, anytime!! A generous hosing down before socks and/or through socks on tired, sore feet relaxes and soothes muscles. Use on itchy feet to detoxify and halt itching. Use before bed, after massaging #9 Trees Conditioner into your feet and then putting cozy sleep socks on. In hydrotherapy theories, foot cooling is great for toning and exciting the body’s immune system. #27 Chillout prevents perspiration odors on the feet as it does for the armpits. It also prevents the growth of athlete’s foot. And it feels soooo good!
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray to Chillout and heal a sunburn. #27 Chillout rules here! The sun causes a redness, and the dead cells inside need to be cleared, calmed, and healed. Sunburns heal fast and are less red, and peel less too. Go nuts on it until you freeze it out!
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray to Chillout an allergy rash, heat rash, or diaper rash. Apply, repeating every 5 minutes as needed – don’t rub it in at all (never need to but especially here, just hose it with that Chillout!).
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray to Chillout your pets. Pets and horses don’t like the smell when first sprayed, so shelter their nose when applying, but they really crave the feel. Same uses as for humans, and 4 times a day for helping stinkfootted doggies, and stinky ear syndrome. Also great for finishing a washing of #22, #23, #9 Trees, and then #27 Chill…oooh yeah!
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray to Chillout a fever; straight, on cotton, or on the wet washcloth. Sick kids are very appreciative of this one too!
  • #27 Chillout Healing and Purifying Spray to Chillout bumps and bruises; prevents swelling and blueing, run for it if you can, and repeat till the initial smarting lets up.
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