#18 SOS Stimulating Scalp Oil Hairgasm®

DO: start using Hairgasm® #18 SOS Stimulating Scalp Oil right away, just minutes before washing. Wash it out right away as to remove toxins it has loosened. The scalp oil loooves Scritcher combs…

One application of Hairgasm® #18 SOS Stimulating Scalp Oil is: one turn of the bottle on each of 3 fingertips, then share with the fingertips of the other hand, not including the thumbs. You can also pour some scalp oil into a dish (you might cover with another dish if not all was used up) and tap 3 fingers into the edge of the oil in the dish, and then share with the fingertips on the other hand so they all have some. If you need more, you are advised to double-treat problem areas or hot and/or flaky crunchy areas by dipping into or turning the bottle onto fingertips again. Anywhere you have frizzy or new growth, go over that area 3 times with this oil – that area would likely include your parting and especially your swirly-crown at the top back of your head, the bone behind your ear, etc..

Sit or stand (whatever is better for your body/coordination). Sit down on the edge of a comfortable chair and do not lean forward for the front, but do tilt sideways for the rest – alternating sides, so your hair hangs down over your fingers (and horn comb for that matter). Practice to position your fingers facing away from you as if to play piano.

Playing the #18 SOS Stimulating Scalp Oil piano! When beginning your #18 scalp scrub before washing, practice posing your fingers like you are about to begin to play a piano, fingers pointing away from your hands side by side. Then totally reverse your hands so that your fingers are pointed towards you, but also keeping your baby-fingers and thumbs up and out of it and those sides of your hands locked/fused together. Scrub into the scalp (not rubbing it into or onto the hair) like a dog scratches, and tunnel along using the bone of the fingertip without smearing. This is facilitated by tilting your head to the side and having the hair hang over your hand as opposed to raising your arm. Use a brisk scrubbing motion forward n back on the scalp between the hair roots – kind of like “flossing” around the base of the hair root like you do your teeth; but instead of strengthening your gums and teeth roots, #18 SOS strengthens and stimulates your scalp and hair roots and plumps up the fats in the scalp!

To scrub properly, use the same pattern as Scritching: bring fingers up from the forehead into the front hairline, cup fingers, tips firm and 1/4 inch apart, and scrub using both hands synchronized while moving whole hand forward and back – inching your way as smoothness is achieved. Move along back n forth meaning forward and back – not side to side – in little 1/4 inch scritches, inching slowly along as if one was searching for a pimple or blockages/pebbling in pores. Do this quite briskly (especially you newbies) – you should be scrubbing with the hand/arm’s weight in 1/2 inch brisk scritch-scritches. Do it in stripes like an orange in pie pattern all going to the crown and dropping one inch over each stripe, reapplying oil with each long scrubbie-stripe. 😉 Note: Don’t scrub in #18 scalp oil with fingers sliding/splaying sideways – we’re not finger-painting. Also, don’t push on your head; keep your head steady. Tilt your head, but don’t go upside down. Scritch scritch like as if you were to use the nails but not actually using nails. Practice! Practice!

How long to scrub for?  Well, Prince’s song ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ does it for me.  🙂

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Dot – Use one application of #18 scalp oil (Remember? One turn of the bottle on each of 3 fingertips or tap 3 fingers into the edge of the oil in a dish, then share with the fingertips of the other hand, not including the thumbs.), adding oil as you need or as you find troubled or blocked areas on your scalp. Louise Marie Longhairs can point these out to you when you see her. 😉
  2. Scrub – Keeping your fingertips in a line, scrub thoroughly through hair, crossing the top or the crown that swirls, by locking fingers together on this area each time you cross it; each time going 1″ further down the skull and meeting at the crown again. It is helpful to picture the pattern when you segment an orange, or a basketball. Use your nails lightly. If appropriate, keep reapplying to an area, over a flaky or crunchy spot, until you achieve smooth fresh-feeling scalp.
  3. Proceed to scrub your scalp in 1/4 inch increments along the middle of the top of the head. When scrubbing down the middle of the top of the head (our first strip in the session) keep the hands side-by-side as if locked/fused together. Be sure to keep the sides of your hands together the full length of the hand – side-by-side the edge of the hand (karate-chop-area) between the baby fingertip and the wrist. (It needs practice.) Keep this position on the top high-spot and/or the parting while scrubbing back towards the crown, until you actually reach and go past the dip or gully in the crown (over the edge, till nose is pointed toward and almost touching inner-elbows, then past the curve/gully/bump/ridge/cliff of the top of the head). Then you can separate elbows and turn, scrubbing inwards till fingers lock together. Only after connecting at the back and interlock-scrubbing is when the row you are working on considered finished. You may then remove the fingers from the back and oil the tips and start at the front again.
  4. Turn — Turn the head while scrubbing, with hair still hanging towards the floor. Continue fingertip spreading and scrubbing using one application for each row, until your entire scalp is treated and massaged.
  5. Add more if needed — Continue scrubbing and your scalp will totally absorb and enjoy the SOS oil exchange in the pores. (If you need more, add more, but just do a turn or two at a time – no pouring and no dropping drops on the scalp.  You can use lots if needed, but just a little at a time.) Check for dusty flakes (that cause buildup and tangling in the back and often the nape area) and dusties (which look like parmesan cheese that comes in a shaker) that were not removed yet, by scratching the area with your nails and looking at them for dust. Re-oil and scrub the area.
  6. Then #27 Chillout Spray deep into the scalp areas to purify and tone before washing it all out right away.
  7. Shampoo — Unless otherwise instructed by Louise Marie Longhairs, wash out the SOS oil right away with an LML shampoo. Wash four or five times – that’s an extra 5th for shine and for texture issues and less frizz. Enjoy!

Use #18 SOS ALWAYS AND DAILY – Louise Marie Longhairs INSISTS!! Do it every day just before cleansing! You can get by using a little because you use it very, very often. Even if you only have time for a quick yet brisk massage, it’s better than having no oil scrub at all!


Thick hair pointers:

  • Softening the kink of the curls with the Kinder Brush not only helps but it lifts the roots ‘up’ to be receptive to #18-ing. Otherwise, use whatever angle you need to in order to get the job done – leaning forwards is not necessary, but side-tilt into the scrub is beneficial.
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