Hairgasm® #13-B Blisstips ButterBalm Hairgasm® #13-B Blisstips ButterBalmA velvety dry-oil pomade for styling ends, designed to allow frequent use.

Your Hairgasm® #13-B Blisstips ButterBalm is more optional than the Hairgasm® #13-A Blisstips liquid version. #13-B is used only when the tips are dry (not wet). The #13-A can be used anytime: wet, dry, or even as a pre-treat or re-treat. #13-B is somewhat heavier but more like a ‘dry oil’ than a translucent wet-looking oil, like #13-A.

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#13-B is used by putting your finger in the jar and melting it onto your fingertip; it takes a minute. The #13-B must be melted between the fingertips with your body’s heat, then applied in a pinching motion from the tips, blending upwards till texture is transitionally smooth into the rest of the section. Get the best coverage by first separating hair into two ponytails.

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