Hairgasm® #11 Magic Spray Leave-On Conditioner

Our Magic Spray is Truly Magic See Our Many Testimonials...

Our Magic Spray is Truly Magic See Our Many Testimonials…For best results best use only on dry – meaning NOT WET – hair because it is a specifically  proportioned conditioning spray – and it’s not toxic silicones. Use in hair, on hair, and under the hair as often as it still feels good. Great for any hair but especially very damaged hair, including relaxed hair.

Mist on surface and under hair; wait one minute before manipulating or brushing hair.

Mist only on damaged areas or treat extremities for targeting fine soft proteins: Mist, Wait, Play. Or mist onto your Kinder Brush.

Using Your Longhairs® Kinder Long Hair Brush with the #11 Magicspray..

Brush your lengths with our Kinder Brush from top to bottom, scalp to tips. When reaching chest length, press full sheets of hair to your body for support and continue down, pressing gently with each stroke and following along behind the brush with your other hand. This uses your body as a conductor and a ‘ground’ – it also stops you from raking. Our bristles are hand-set in such a way that it is a uniquely sensual feeling.

Don’t brush the back of your hair with your hand & brush behind you or by reaching over your shoulder, only by bringing it forward in front of you. Brush back lengths by alternating sides. Friction or matty tangles should not be elevated to detangle. Instead, proceed to detangle from the bottom up, brushing out areas against the nearest body part (this will control bristle penetration). The Kinder Brush was made for you to safely detangle, brush, and smooth dried hair.

FYI: a puff of Hairgasm® #11 Magic Spray onto our brush is very enjoyable and beneficial on the hair. Try it as you go along. Our brushes have zero-resistance and each one has a purpose.

Brush as often as your scalp enjoys it. Try Kinder Brush Gentle when it’s dangerously wind- or sports-tangled, then proceed with the regular brush (called Kinder Brush Firm).

Storing your Longhairs® Kinder Long Hair Brush

Keep from storing on radiators, heating units, and extended periods of direct sunlight (but you can use it with a hairdryer if you need to).
Don’t let your dog or cat chew or eat it – give them your old brushes to chew for his/her own.
Don’t lay the Kinder Brush’s wood areas on wet counter tops. If you have to place it temporarily on a wet surface, then do so bristles down. Keep yours in a vase for flowers, especially, if you have all three versions!
Don’t let the Kinder Brush get mushed up in your schoolbag or purse; give yours it’s own compartment in your carryall.
Washing Your Longhairs® Kinder Brushes

Retract a pen, use an old toothbrush, or use a comb to gently lift out hairs and dust collected in brush.
Bring near shower and lather up with #2 or #4 or #8, and work pad with fingertips.
Rinse well immediately and beat bristles on thick towel.
Remove from water and bathing areas and drain further, bristles down on a fluffy dry towel.
Air dry out of sunlight or direct heat, or slightly blow-dry pad and bristles on cool setting.
The Longhairs® Treatment Oils and Your Longhairs® Kinder Brushes

When you fully utilize all the ranges of hair oils Louise Marie Longhairs provides, oils from your hair and hands will keep your brush happy and the wood moist – if used often and in your daily routines.

Try this little routine; the Kinder Brushes may be used for brushing your own natural oils from the scalp: 10 minutes concentrating on scalp. Then apply #13 Blisstips from the tips upwards: wait 15 minutes for the #13 Blisstips to target ends deeply before brushing completely thru. Always follow Kinder Brush strokes with opposite hand to ground and reroute your static, now utilized and unseen.

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