Hairgasm® #10-A Protein Deep Oil Treatment

It is generally preferred that you use #10-A Protein Oil Treatment 2 days in a row, within 2 weeks. It is only used as a deep treatment after shampooing, regardless of which shampoo is used.

It is not designed as a pre-treat or a re-treat, however it’s OK to use it as a re-treat ONLY ‘once in a blue moon’ – but ONLY ‘once in a blue moon’ if it actually works for you that first time trying it.

The #10-B’s are still the deepest and have no long-term side effects like using #10-A would. #10-A has it’s ‘time’ then gets testy with overuse, showing you so. #10-B does not get testy, no matter how often you use it – ever.

DO: Incorporate #10-A Protein Oil Treatment as a ‘hot oil treatment’ 1 or more times in a week and a half period.

It enriches hair and scalp to a deep shine. Hair responds favorably to #10-A Protein Oil Treatment as a treatment under a plastic cap, under either a hot dryer or towel, 15 min. to 1/2 hour, two days in a row is the best way, or remember to do it as a quickie simply once a week. Nice used as a in-shower or deep treatment sometimes after or before heat styling, sometimes protecting against structural damage.

Sometimes your hair’s response to it depicts your hair’s other needs at the time. Keep both #10’s on hand; your need for #10-A Protein Oil Treatment or #10B conditioner frequency can change often as your hair evolves and grows.

#10-A is done as often or less often as your other deep treatment – your #19 n #9 two-step as directed.

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