LMLonghairs® Smoothing Face Cream

Smoothing Face CreamLonghairs® Smoothing  Face Cream, her very rich homeopathic cream for face, neck, under eyes and other fragile skin. Smoothing Face Cream is made for moisturizing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Smoothing Face Cream contains uses a secret complex of very unique herbs in ultra-fine oils in a neutral unscented hypoallergenic penetrating cream. Excellent for combating dry cabin air when flying. Lose those fine lines and get kissable skin!!

TO ORDER THE Smoothing Face Cream LMLonghairs® Herbal & Homeopathic

Louise Marie recommends you use her shampoo foam on your face during 2nd lathering onwards, then use a light BuffPuff (we have some for you), and then when you come out of the shower, spray #27 Chillout Spray on your fingertips and smooth into skin (or focus on spraying your cheeks and blend in all over with fingers on wet skin).

Next, apply a tiny amount of our Smoothing Face Cream (about the top of the fingernail-tip-flick) and continue to smooth into wet (Chillout dosed) skin. Use all over face and fragile neck skin (more for bustline). On wet skin it will go on very thin and dry to a to fine velvety finish. If you wish, continue application with adding a dash more water and blending up to 1/2″ from eyes (heat from skin causes moisture to creep up on its own, carrying the cream). Allow to dry.

Between cleanses (on dry skin), use #27 Chillout Spray on a cotton ball or pad and dash it under the tap (our creams don’t contain artificial water sources like propylene glycol, so it needs water on dry skin). Proceed with the cool, wet pad to clean face and neck with it, and then in ears last.

Use Smoothing Face Cream twice a day on clean wet skin.

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