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DrLonghairs® Anti-Fat Cellulite-Dissolving Soap

DrLonghairs® Anti-Fat Cellulite-Dissolving Soap BUY   Anti-Cellulite Soap Treatment Special Detox Look Honey! …No Cellulite!

MAGIC! De-fattening, in a soap format…truly healthy for deep capillaries, cleansing and rapidly metabolizing cellulite, rapidly permeable, effectively removing fat and cellulite tissue buildup and the related toxins stored within.

For face and body, made for daily use.

Rub on body and areas of concern daily in shower, no loofah necessary (if you must loofah do it before use). As an effective spot-treat, soak bar in dish and rub jelly on areas of concern the day before showering and overnight.

Three months minimum for full treatment, though slenderizing and helps circulation begins within a month of daily use.