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Anti-Cellulite Body Cream is homeopathic and contains a secret 6-plant complex of cellulite busting and circulation correcting and metabolizing herbals – and moisturizes too! Used to firm the skin and remove cellulite on legs, hips, thighs, and arms when used daily. Liquidates fat through the lymphatic system and trains the cells to stay slim, but does not contain caffeine or other insomnia-causing chemicals used by those big conglomerate brands. Anti-Cellulite Body Cream is ALL herbal, concentrated in LML’s hypo-allergenic, unscented base.

To use, wet hands with hot water and massage cream into skin, using circular motions and targeting cellulite and puffy areas in particular. Some folks prefer to apply it with water – it slides around and penetrates more easily, and you can use less cream to cover the same amount of skin, so it lasts longer too; cream is often watered down in this way during the summer months. Use once or, preferably, twice a day; should be used longterm.

As an extra step – to speed up cellulite breakdown and better prepare the skin for the action of the cream – wash the skin prior to use, targeting problem areas. Try to stimulate the skin; scrub and massage, causing gentle friction with a loofah or scrubbing cloth lathered with Longhairs shampoo.