it is my basic “go-to” Horn Comb

I just love my "Comber LONGHAIRS® HAIRGASM® Classic Carved 6-6.75" Sheeps Horn Comb"... and here's why:

It is my basic "go-to" horn comb, I start all my Scritching with it. For anyone with weak hand this one is a blessing to relieve your arms or hands during your scritch. It is also the

greatest for detangling gently :~)



LMLonghairs you are brilliant, let me tell you

Good Morning LMLonghairs,

A quick shout out to you this morning LMLonghairs you are brilliant, let me tell you.

I just finished my shower routine Scritched, first oiled my scalp then shampooed and rinsed 5 times then conditioned and Flexipicked with conditioner. Toweled dried lightly. Here's the incredible thing, no hair fall in the shower/tub! 5 min combout with a tiny bit of hair in the comb!!! no tangles, knots, or snarls. amazing!

My hair is so moisturized it feels amazing! No other product is in my hair, leave-in, oils etc. My hair/scalp and I thank-you
for such amazing products. I am out the door now
taking this happy feeling with me.

Have a delightful Longhairs day!!!


Very beautiful horn combs and we are enjoying them!

I received my order Monday afternoon. Very beautiful horn combs and we are enjoying them! Thank you for the scritcher and treats, that was a nice and thoughtful surprise. A thousand thank you! Have a great day!


…if you truly care about your hair

5 star rating
When it comes to (true) hair care, you never know what you are looking for until you finally find it. After searching high and low, visiting most (top) hair care specialist and product experts, trying a barrage of (very) expensive products (chemicals) from reputable companies for years, taking (discouraging) advice from (traditional) salon gurus on how I should consider cutting my hair short to "save what I have", it is only by chance (or fate) that I met Dr. Longhairs. Not only is Louise Marie (Dr. Longhairs) a true professional with immense knowledge, training, and experience, she is also an expert at natural healing, especially when it comes to hair.

If you are looking for a traditional salon with textbook advice, don't waste your time (or her time). However, if you truly care about your hair, and have the patience to listen to what this caring individual has to say about how to holistically take care of (your) hair, you need not search any more. In my case, from hopeless dying hair with several issues, in a matter of a short period of time, has transformed into its natural state with strength, resilience, and growth.

In keeping with the natural procedure(s) and with the use of natural (and ethical) products, I can visibly see a day-by-day difference that seems to continue. I have finally found my hair care specialist.

Male: Hazek 1 2 3 4 Barebones Beginner Kit, Non-Salts, Beginners Special Lessons

is definitely the horn comb I’d have to have two or more of

I just love my "Scritcher-Comber LONGHAIRS® HAIRGASM® Larger-Than-Palm 4.5" Sheeps Horn"...and here's why:

Now this is my basic. Doesn't hang up as you are using, fits wonderful in the palm and just gets everything done as a Scritcher should.

This is definitely the horn comb I'd have to have two or more of  - I have more:-) A thin(slender) and a thick 3x-4x and then even a medium 2x. I have on of these with me wherever I go.

GW in Ca

My hair looks better now than it did in high school

I just love my " MEDIUM 1 2 3 4 BAREBONES PLUS SET FOR DRY COLORED CURLY" (and FREE LESSONS SPECIAL)... and here's why: For those interested in a good sized starter kit, this is a nice place to start.

Although it requires an initial investment, I noticed improvements from the outset. Within under three weeks of use, my scalp and hair have seen significant progress. My scalp is less dry, and hair has more body, bounce, and overall life. I also don't need styling products (mousse or volumizer) anymore to get my hair to look good with a blow dry. Others around me have noticed and complimented me on my hair, without them knowing that I started seeing a hair specialist. My hair is long, straight with a slight wave, and medium thickness.

I communicated with Louise Marie and her assistant Ben via email over which package (dry or oily) to order. My hair loves the dry hair formulation of the shampoo and conditioner.

Scritching with the oil has been vital to my scalp improving, and is addictive. My absolute favourite product, however, is the #2 Silky Shampoo. It smells delicious yet clean, and I’ve even begun using it as a body wash. As I luckily live in the city, I purchased this package with the intention of seeing Louise Marie in person at her salon. Purchase of the package included a consultation and demonstration on how to use the products.

Louise Marie was very thorough and easy to talk to, and I came out of the appointment with a better understanding of the state of my hair, achievable goals, and knowing what I needed do, step by step.

I opted to receive a hair cut a few weeks after my initial consultation, in order to give my hair time to benefit from the use of Louise Marie’s products. (and free checkups)She used unique cutting techniques that somehow made my hair look longer, and corrected issues that a previous stylist created.

My hair looks better now than it did in high school! I would encourage anyone interested in improving their hair health to reach out to Louise Marie and try a kit. Her proprietary formulas are effective and work together to produce results.

Nicole from Vaughn Ont

Thank-you for the prompt call-back.

Wow, happy to hear from you. I am delighted!!!

Thank-you for the prompt call-back.

Thanks for taking time to help me sign in and giving me feedback on products and proper usage on the horn comb which I am using now. What a treat...
Love, Love, Love it!!! What took me so long to discover this wonderful comb? It takes a little getting use to but in a few days I will be use to it.
Haven't shampooed yet I will give you feedback on my progress. You are the best, keep on keeping on!!!

I am a Scritcher for life!!!I love both horn combs and love how my scalp feel, my scalp has awaken! From a dull sleep

Both horn combs! I love the itchy scritchy feeling from the scritcher horn comb and love combing my hair with the BIG WOW horn comb

P. A

Favourite Scritcher™ARROW 6-6.5 Black Ox Horn

I just love my "ARROW 6-6.5" Stimulating Black Ox Horn Comb SCRITCHER™ COMBER"... and here's why:

This is my favourite Scritcher. I love this Scritcher for several reasons: it’s versatile in that it can be used for both Scritching and combing, the curved shape contours comfortably against my scalp, the handle allows me to Scritch and comb both sides of my head with my dominant hand, and it’s beautiful to look at.

I like to begin by using a Raw Beauty Sheep Horn Scritcher for a deep Scritch first, followed by Scritching again with this Black Ox Horn Arrow Scritcher, for a more glamorous and relaxing feeling Scritch, and finish by combing and smoothing my hair back into place.

I understand that selecting a Scritcher is a very personal experience, but for me this Scritcher just feels magical and performs beautifully.

Nicole F from Vaughn

Horn Comb rubs the scalp sooooo beautifully

I just love my "Comber LONGHAIRS® HAIRGASM® Superchunk 4" Not-So-Widetoothed Mini Smoothie"... and here's why:

I couldn't survive without this Horn Comb when I'm in a real tangle - itfeels good in the hand and this Horn Comb rubs the scalp sooooo beautifully. You need at least one of these.


For pleasure and absolute sensuality

I just love my "Comber LONGHAIRS® HAIRGASM® Classic WOW HUGE 7.5-8" Largest Black Ox Horn"... and here's why:

For pleasure and absolute sensuality this is a must have. It massages the scalp without you having to do all the work.

It grips perfectly and catches all the loose hairs if you are putting your hair up in an updo. It is truly a thing of beauty!


GW from CA

Classic WOW HUGE 7.5-8" Largest Black Ox Horn

Classic  WOW HUGE 8"  Largest Sheeps Horn

Classic WOW 7.5"  Large Sheeps Horn

Classic WOW 7" Large Black Ox Horn