Long-ing (1) for a Visit With Louise Marie Longhairs

Long-ing (1) for a Visit With Louise Marie Longhairs

a story from a-far…

I have been a Louise Marie Longhairs client (online) for over a year now. I now have nearly waist length, thick brown hair.

I’d been growing it out using commercial shampoos with high silicone content. I loved the shine (what was actually a yucky coating) but my hair wouldn’t grow past “bra-length”. I switched to high-priced salon formulas, which promised organic ingredients (like sodium l. sulfate, and of course, silicone-based conditioners) and great soft hair, but I got neither. Again, my hair was dry, frizzy, and felt more like straw than hair.

I found Louise Marie Longhairs’ web site though a fellow longhair, and it was a whole new beginning for me.

The first few months I really didn’t notice anything dramatic, but after awhile, my hair was growing longer, it had a MUCH softer texture, and the “frizzies” smoothed out into nice soft waves. I don’t have oily build up on my scalp (which cause flakes!) and I don’t get split ends as often either. My hair is growing longer and stronger thanks to LML’s natural products.

But that’s just the beginning of the story!

I being a poor college student, dreamed of going to Louise Marie Longhairs’ salon for one of her famous cuts.

I was tired of going to “bargain haircuts” where for $10.95 I could ask for 1/2 in cut, and walk out in tears with 4 inches gone, or going to overpriced salons where they did the same thing to me for five times the price.

To get to Louise Marie Longhairs I needed a little help. For a gift, my mother bought me a plane ticket to Toronto, and a gift certificate to the Louise Marie Longhairs salon! I was completely overjoyed!

After some planning (with Louise Marie’s help!) I was in Toronto! The day I arrived I was amazed that Louise Marie Longhairs’ salon was in the heart of downtown Toronto, and the buildings there are beautiful.

The actual visit…..

I walked up the stairs to meet one of Louise Marie’s assistants, and I waited for Louise Marie’s arrival. In the mean time I was thoroughly entertained by – three beautiful cats with interesting heritages.

Louise Marie Longhairs arrived a short time later, a flash of sparkles and laughter! I will give her this, she really does look like the “sweet marie longhairs” logo on her products!

After some nice chatting about my traveling, we got down to work.

I’ve used her products for over a year, but with the limited things you can describe over email, I still had some build-up and needed to get a good scrub down of the Longhairs SOS scalp oil (#18). I’m sure LML could bench press with her pinky, her fingers are SO strong!

I found out that a main reason the area of hair over and around my ears was so unusually oily was that my hair grew straight down in that area, so the oil just sat around there and built up. The hair that grew there was very wispy and fragile. LML gave me personal directions on how to correct this, and this would have been very hard to do over email and the internet.

I then got a good dose of Chillout (#27) applied. I was shampooed and conditioned (with #2 and #9) and whisked to get the trim! In the mean time, they refilled my Magic Pack.

There is no way to describe the way Louise Marie Longhairs trims hair. She is most definitely an artist, and hair is her canvas! Snips here and there, over and under, for over an hour. We chatted, and it was great fun. I never saw big chunks of hair sitting in my lap.

Louise Marie Longhairs is definitely a perfectionist as well! I could now run my hands through it with not a catch or snarl. It was swinging and flowed and bouncy all at the same time! It had a definite shape to it now! Not just limp locks sitting on my back, but lively hair dancing as I moved!

She took a few pictures of my hair in her Non-salon. Then like a kid in a candy store, I got to pick out goodies to add to my Longhairs Magic Pack.

I got a pair of the Longhairs split nippers which work wonderfully, and they have a most original design! (I won’t ruin that surprise!) 🙂 I also got some hair clips and her velveteen scrunchies!

I loved every minute of it. Never have I felt more pampered! I didn’t feel like I was going to some stoddy salon, but over to a friends house to chat the day away!

Louise Marie genuinely cares about your hair looking and feeling its best, and is a rarity in itself. I hope that given the opportunity, I can visit her salon at least yearly!

Since the cut, I have to actually SEARCH for split ends, and my brushes have never had it so easy (there are no more snarls to detangle!). I must say thanks again to LMLonghairs for all her help!

And if you ever get the chance, go see her!

(Hs from the Eastern USA)