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How should I wash after exercising or sweating?

When you worked out before, did you feel the need to wash your hair? If so, do the whole kit-n-kaboodle, with the #18 SOS (it’s fine used on a sweaty scalp). If you don’t want to have a full shower, simply use #26 Chillout to detox post-workout and wait to wash in the morning. The […]

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Do I pre-treat my whole head, including my bangs?

Some of you are applying way too much pre-treat, and too high up, not knowing why we do it. The idea is to end up with an even texture all over, adding nutrients where wear has taken place (usually old ends, and maybe a bit on the longer surfaces if needed). Definitely do not pre-treat indiscriminately […]

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Do I spray the #27 Chillout Spray on just the top of my head, or on my hands and rub it in like the #18 SOS Oil?

The best coverage for #27 Chillout Spray is achieved by spraying your scalp in 1 inch partings from the top of your head and down the sides to the nape. Spray from 6 inches away on to areas to be treated. Full scalp coverage should be done at least every other time you do #18 […]

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