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Can I reduce the number of latherings to 2?

All hair, not just problematic or textured hair, gets best results with 5 latherings. only woth our products5 latherings is better than 4, and 4 latherings is better than 3 – for all kinds of reasons If it does no harm whyyy not?. Twice? Only if you’ve already washed that day. Three latherings and more […]

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Should I pile my hair on top of my head when I shampoo?

No! Please! We’re not shooting drugstore shampoo commercials here, so let’s look at this logically: this is done for show on TV. It doesn’t work for long hair; it’s what shorthairs do. If you do wash this way, your hair will tangle badly, so please don’t stack the hair when you shampoo (or condition for […]

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What does a typical Longhairs® MagicPack® routine look like?

The MagicPack® routine (link opens new tab) is focused on the shampoo component; you can use whatever conditioner you feel your hair wants/needs. Louise Marie Longhairs® builds a unique shampoo rotation list specific to you. You’ll use one shampoo 3 times in a row and then switch to the next one on the list. For example, your […]

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Why isn’t the conditioner sold separately, so it can be used with other brands of shampoo?

Because the nature of our products are so different than other lines, ours need to be used together for the best results. Our shampoos and conditioners (link opens new tab) were carefully and specifically made for each other, and interact together like a marriage or match made in heaven, therefore they are sold together.

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