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Is #9 Trees ok to use as a re-treat after using it in the shower?

Yes, but it will only be ok until the hair tires of it; then it won’t like it anymore as a re-treat. Hair that doesn’t have this situation doesn’t crave it. Using it too much #9 Trees will simply not work out well, but if you need it your hair will like it.

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Do I pre-treat from top to bottom, or from bottom to top? What about re-treat?

You should be pre-treating (that’s the overnight one on dry hair, where you wash as usual in the morning) from the bottom up by working in your pre-treat product – massaging upwards, and then smoothing in a downward motion, layering with water. Focus on needy areas and ends (which are always needy) first and go up as […]

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Is re-treating then combing OK?

Always SmoothComb FIRST then re-treat – never the other way around. You only need the RT to go where it was put, not smearing all over where it isn’t needed.

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