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Should I still brush my curly hair?

Yes! Brushing with our Longhairs® Kinder Brush with a puff of  our #11 Magic Spray on dry Kinder brush dry hair actually removes dead hairs as well as gently exercising roots by pulling evenly. Dead hairs left there will spoil your curl long term, so yes, but only before pre-treating at night. Overnight your hairs […]

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Do I pre-treat my whole head, including my bangs?

Some of you are applying way too much pre-treat, and too high up, not knowing why we do it. The idea is to end up with an even texture all over, adding nutrients where wear has taken place (usually old ends, and maybe a bit on the longer surfaces if needed). Definitely do not pre-treat indiscriminately […]

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What’s the best way to put my hair to bed?

Pull your hair smoothly across the back of the head from the side where your swirly crown resides and over to the opposite side. Try switching sides periodically for a few nights each month to rest the roots. The Pocahontas-style ponytail (also called a caterpillar braid) should be terry-tied every few inches starting right behind the ear […]

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Do I pre-treat from top to bottom, or from bottom to top? What about re-treat?

You should be pre-treating (that’s the overnight one on dry hair, where you wash as usual in the morning) from the bottom up by working in your pre-treat product – massaging upwards, and then smoothing in a downward motion, layering with water. Focus on needy areas and ends (which are always needy) first and go up as […]

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Do I need to rinse out my pre-treat before Scritching and #18-ing in the morning?

No, you don’t need to rinse out your pre-treat before #18-ing. It is usually dried by morning and doesn’t goop the scalp at all. The coast should be clear for a clean application of #18, and any sweat is OK to Scritch over.

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