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How do I clean it my comboff?

 Take a soft, damp towel and gently (without twisting) wipe the comb clean. To do this easily and best, pinch the damp towel or facecloth over the tines, starting at the spine and pull outwards (away from tines) repeatedly. Use a clean area of the towel or facecloth every time. An old toothbrush, nail brush, or old […]

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Why is lanolin used to treat the medicine combs? I did get some, but would a good oil work also?

Use nothing on your horn comb to treat it but lanolin, preferably our unsulfonated lanolin, because it is from the same animal – a sister to the horn, you might say. Oil is not just oil, and it is not a matter of being ‘good’; the oil must be correct – and yes, it does […]

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