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Should I still brush my curly hair?

Yes! Brushing with our Longhairs® Kinder Brush with a puff of  our #11 Magic Spray on dry Kinder brush dry hair actually removes dead hairs as well as gently exercising roots by pulling evenly. Dead hairs left there will spoil your curl long term, so yes, but only before pre-treating at night. Overnight your hairs […]

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My hair is so curly that I lose a lot of length. What can I do to stretch out the curl a bit?

Right before it dries, twist your hair in one single twist (or two piggies), and hang it down your back wrapped in a zip-up fleece hoodie, and by the time you get to work, the kick will be out your of the curl. Ask me to show you in person how the African Queens solve questions […]

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Can you use #19 Honey Bee as a styling aid for curly-haired?

Sure, I’ve heard it used for a rather different feeling, not as shiny and soft – I’d rather the #10-Bs myself. I can see it being used to slick hair back to dry hard, instead of gel or hairspray, for anyone, not just curly. I’ve tried it on clients myself. With this one, if it […]

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