Do you use any animal products or by-products, or use animals for testing your products?

Absolutely not! We are, in fact, vegetarian/vegan listed. No animal testing whatsoever, and most folks test our products on themselves before using them on their pets. Cruelty-free and non-animal-tested are rules Longhairs® has always honoured, and we have implemented in the making of all of our products.

#19 Honey Bee is cruelty-free honey sourced from a man who LOVES his bees. I believe it is my duty to know the bee-source personally.

Our Kinder Brushes made from boar bristles and/or quills are cruelty-free sourced as well; they are sheared from a live boar and/or discarded by a porcupine more than willingly (ouch for receiver!).

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