How often should I switch conditioners and how long should I use each one?

There are no numbers carved in stone for this; you need to listen to your hair for each of the conditioners, not just randomly switch for no particular reason. When you switch too often the conditioner doesn’t have enough time to work.

Use one conditioner until you learn how to tell if it’s taken.

Your main, staple conditioners are the #10-Bs, #9 Trees (by itself), and #19 Honey Bee & #9 Trees (together) and should be used more often and for longer stretches than any of the others. Pepper in the use of #10-A Protein Deep Oil Treatment occasionally for a day or two, and #17 Lilith as a treat for a day or two, but your primary go-to conditioner should be one of the #10-Bs.

Pay more attention to your conditioning, and slow down; bouncing around from one product to another quickly might make hair tangly (it doesn’t like too much excitement).

Have fun, but also listen to your hair.

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