I want to begin using your products, and I’m local – what are my options?

First, let us know you’re coming.

A) You can pick up a Beginners Kit (link opens new tab) in person and try on your own to learn how to use online with the tutorials.


B) You can pick up a Beginners kit in person and learn online with the tutorials along with a near-future appointment booked for a hands-on lesson.


C) You can pick up a Beginners kit in person during a hands-on lesson and treating appointment, so you can be shown first before you start using the products, which helps you learn the feel of what you are aiming for. Includes a free follow-up visit. (most effective)


D) You can come and pick up shampoo, conditioner, and Flexipick in any size, review the directions online and pop in for a free checkup or how-to appointment if needed.

You decide; whatever way you learn best will be fine with us.

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