Do I pre-treat my whole head, including my bangs?

Some of you are applying way too much pre-treat, and too high up, not knowing why we do it. The idea is to end up with an even texture all over, adding nutrients where wear has taken place (usually old ends, and maybe a bit on the longer surfaces if needed). Definitely do not pre-treat indiscriminately all the way up the head – is the hair fried there? old? in need of restructuring? Your scalp’s pre-treat is #18 SOS Scalp Oil just before your shower.

Run your hands through your hair until your fingers stop, near the bottom few inches. That is the top of where you’ll apply pre-treat. Dampen your hair, then take a dab of your pre-treat and massage it into hair ends and smooth downwards. Move up bit by bit, layering with water, until you can’t feel a border between above and below, tapering out. Finish with a final layer of water.

Don’t forget to check our Re-Treating/Pre-Treating chart to make sure your efforts are rewarded!

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