What does the MagicPack® do?

Becoming a member is using the MagicPack as a whole as Louise Marie directs, and not as a sampler. The MagicPack system helps create and maintain a healthy scalp and strong hair (link opens new tab). Membership is having what you want, and it keeps working forever! It’s totally not a ‘drugstore’ situation of a few categories. MagicPack and everything inside it has a flow with interacting combinations.

Everything your long haired heart desires, in a healthy, organic way. Better, faster hair growth, optimum hair shine, feel, and behavior. Longhairs® complete system works as hard as you do, providing for all the needs of growing and maintaining your hair.

If you have allergies or sensitivities, please let us know before you order the MagicPack® and we’ll be glad to work with you to make sure you get the best results possible without irritating your skin.

MagicPacking is designed for customizable results (cooperation with our clients is important!) and loads of fun, while we are gradually creating your environment. Does it help the hair grow faster? But of course! Attentive daily care with our MagicPackis a personal and beautiful hair science. Longhairs who love to pamper their hair and have a deeply caring mindset love to do MagicPack! How well it works depends on the mentality or mindset of the client.

Product addicts are also satisfied by this system because it offers a new feeling every time if you wish. A MagicPack® lifestyle works toward your goals for the textures and therapeutic effects actively growing hair needs. It is rocket science for great long hair, and for looking great while it gets there. Don’t let your long hair goals go to rest on a simple routine; there isn’t one answer to long hair problems or care.

Healthy Longhairs® and MagicPack® hair comes out of the shower wetter and dries faster; all the moisture is retained inside the hair instead of replaced by a stifling residue – a noticeable difference.

Longhairs® MagicPack® products fix and prevent many long hair problems (link opens new tab), and your hair will evolve beautifully. As residues disappear, and the work remains internal to the hair, MagicPack® components will help the hair through it’s many stages to optimum health and growth. Our clients are 100% supported, depending on the level of your mutual cooperation (support is voluntary and complimentary by Louise Marie and may reach reasonable limits), and they enjoy the time it takes for long hair that grows in perfectly.

It is possible that you have a lot of old hair not grown in with Longhairs® products, and this will take TLC and building to bring it up to par.

MagicPackers® get better blow-drying results due to the hair drying more evenly, with less heat needed. Fast and fun from getting up in the morning, to getting on your way, to shine all day.

…and WAAAY more!


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