I’m confused… I see a set of 15 shampoos (MP kits), but this is not what I’m used to. How does this work?

Works very well! (No apologies for the untypical-ness of our ways!)

The ‘palette’ of these 15 different shampoos belongs to the largest kit – not the simple -kits – and is called a MagicPack (link opens new tab).  The Magicpack contains all the different properties and principals you need to help get the amazing ‘customized to the individual’ results. Each shampoo is used 3 days in a row and then switched to the next number lined up for you. This numbered list, called a shampoo rotation, will be sent to you once you purchase your MagicPack. You don’t need to worry about what to do, why, or when with this set of shampoos.

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