Can you use #19 Honey Bee as a styling aid for curly-haired?

Sure, I’ve heard it used for a rather different feeling, not as shiny and soft – I’d rather the #10-Bs myself.

I can see it being used to slick hair back to dry hard, instead of gel or hairspray, for anyone, not just curly. I’ve tried it on clients myself. With this one, if it feels good, do it – but watch for symptoms! There are beneficial effects from doing this one, and if you like it, use it with discretion.

A great sunscreen for the hair in sun ‘n surf, or in pools under a swimcap.

Tip: do it on very wet hair and scrunch it in, starting at the bottom. Don’t comb or pick again afterwards. Scrunching is done to saturate #19 into ends and then massaging up the shaft to blend it to match the healthy hairs, but day-old feeling.

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