Will Louise Marie Longhairs help me online with how to style my hair as it grows?

A little help within reason, but hairstyling is NOT included in products prices. In fact, support was not calculated into any of our products prices, but she helps because of your common goal. The Non-Salon appointment is how and where members’ hair is done. Not only is it a little difficult to manage, it is unrealistic to think of doing hairstyling via the internet. Our clients developing shiny, full, soft, hair growth seem to have no problems dealing with their new and abundant hair. If your hair-past catches up with you, it is essential you see LML to get your hair set up longterm properly. (Seeing LMLonghairs exclusively as well as MagicPacking actually makes you a Platinum Longhairs® MagicPack Member, regardless of how long you can last between appointments here.) Save on reordering, help the environment, and save on postage by refilling when you come in – nevermind being safe from repeating localized ‘hair-accidents’. Those handy hair places are not to be frequented between LML visits; it is not necessary. And what is the point if it would not be done right?

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