Is it okay to use more conditioner before rinsing out? (Double-Dip Trick)

Good question, and the answer is YES! I call that a re-juicing or the Double-Dip Trick.

This is how you do the Double-Dip Trick:

  1. Apply conditioner as usual in shower.
  2. Flexipick.
  3. After that, right after Flexipicking (according to instructions) and before rinsing out in the shower, add a drop or so more conditioner (Double-Dip Trick, because you’re double-dipping the conditioner).
  4. If you want your conditioning to sit for a bit, you can do this after the Double-Dip. Clip it up and let it sit while you do other shower duties.
  5. Then you can rinse.

The longer, older, and over-processed bottom-half of your hair will gratefully eat up an extra smoothing of conditioner just because of the nature of it. So do the Double-Dip Trick just before rinsing it all out. Most hair will benefit from a Double-Dip Trick for moisture, strengthening, smoothing, and extra-good closure, and it may help towards a no frizzies juicy shine.

Double-Dip Trick allows perfect arrangement of molecules after residual shampoo was squished out.

Always keep in mind that leaving first application on to soak in for a while before Flexipicking is NOT as effective as leaving first application on to soak in after Flexipicking. If you’re going to let it sit, wait until after you’ve Flexipicked it, and after the Double-Dip Trick if you are using it.

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