How much is it to send just Scritchers Horn Combs to the USA or the world?

We have a special rate for Scritchers or combing horn combs only, (under 1 kg so sneak some products samples into there? Yessss.) Small  packet-style-postage mailings (like combs) starting at $8.-10 US dollars and  up..depending on your location in the United States.. Feel free to check for shipping special .
Small Packet for USA and International orders  is not as quick as the parcel style, but is less expensive and for slightly higher cost request Tracked Packet… but Small Packet if you select it is fine. We then pick the most suitable and most affordable shipping (wherever in the world you are before we bill you. We bill precisely in-house so no worries! Personal service!!

Choose your horn comb here! (link opens new tab) or pick a few and we will help if you like. We are the expert in that.

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