Do I spray the #27 Chillout Spray on just the top of my head, or on my hands and rub it in like the #18 SOS Oil?

The best coverage for #27 Chillout Spray is achieved by spraying your scalp in 1 inch partings from the top of your head and down the sides to the nape. Spray from 6 inches away on to areas to be treated. Full scalp coverage should be done at least every other time you do #18 , and reapply anytime to balance skin or scalp discrepancies.

Simply spray #27 Chillout on your scalp; no need to scrub it in. #27 Chillout Spray is instantly self-penetrating if you’ve done a good job with your #18 SOS Scalp Oil scrub. Keep applying every few moments until a cool feeling is maintained.

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