Can I purchase the MagicPack in 2 or 3 month installments?

This person’s idea was to make a payment to start it this month and completely pay off the cost next month; once paid in full, the MagicPack could be sent to her.

That would work just fine, though the MagicPack cannot be shipped until it is paid in full. In her account, she’d see it taken off her order’s total.

The way to go about this is to go ahead and place and order for the MP. During the checkout process – in the additional notes area – request that a certain amount be paid now (when placing the order), and then to make more payment(s) just let us know and we’ll keep taking that amount off your total.

We can also wait to weigh it (to determine shipping) until the last payment in case you want to add things along the way. (We can add to the order and you’ll see the changes on the invoice.)

While making payments on the full MagicPack order, if you suddenly need to get your brakes fixed on your car you don’t have to worry about losing your money. The paid balance is not refundable, but you can stop the existing MP order and use your balance to order different products. Try not to change your mind too many times, but we all have emergencies crop up and we understand and will work with you.

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